The UK Choreographers Directory links artists directly to employers

UK Choreographers Directory

The UK Choreographers Directory (UKCD) is a free searchable directory of independent choreographers with experience in the arts and entertainment industries.

It is aimed at producers and directors from across the entertainment industries and those who are simply interested in researching choreography. Whether you are looking for dance choreography, mass movement, choreographed pedestrian movement or something more specific such as 1960’s dance, circus choreography or music videos, you will find someone with this expertise in the directory.

Each profile includes a show reel, gallery and credits alongside the choreographers’ contact information. The artist support team at One Dance UK manages the directory and is able to provide recommendations to those looking for a choreographer, free of charge.

Need help? Call us: UK Choreographers Directory – 0207 841 7361

The UKCD has received requests for recommended Choreographers from cultural and commercial organisations including Samsung, Pinewood Studios, Sky Arts HD,, Max Factor, ITV Ant and Dec ‘Push The Button’; So You Think You Can Dance, Youth Music Theatre UK etc. A third of these employment opportunities were secured by the Choreographers recommended from the UKCD.

For choreographers, there is even more on offer.

The UKCD offers independent choreographers the opportunity to be part of a greater network and helps them to manage their exposure as choreographers nationally and internationally.

As well as their online profile each choreographer receives limited one-to-one support from a dedicated One Dance UK staff, notifications of CPD events, competitions, performance platforms, and other suitable opportunities; has their profile promoted via One Dance UK marketing channels, and when suitable, is recommended for any employment requests One Dance UK receives.

Thank you so much for your efficient and well-honed service. It's a pleasure to make contact with you and I hope that we will be able to make use of your services again in the future.

— Emily Kate Stephens, Producer, Red Banana Productions Ltd

I was hired to choreograph the video - we didn't end up shooting until April, but it went really well, and was a fabulous job. Thank you so much for putting me forward for it! I'll send you a link when it's released.

— Maddy Wynne Jones, Choreographer.

“We found the service to be excellent. We had plenty of options and found exactly the right person within a few days- who went on to complete the job to a great standard. We would happily recommend One Dance UK’s Choreographer Directory to anyone.”

— Dave Vout, Big Head Games

Being part of One Dance UK's Choreographer Directory has been a useful way for people outside of the industry to discover what I can offer for their projects. For me the work that has come out of being part of the directory has without fail been varied and exciting. Doors have opened.

— Yael Loewenstein, UK Choreographer Directory member