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A female dancer is sitting on a red and white physio bed. A white female physiotherapist with ginger hair has her hands placed on back of the dancers' neck as well as her abdominals to support alignment. They are in a conditioning studio with mirrored walls and exercise equipment in the background.

Healthcare Practitioners Directory

The Healthcare Practitioners Directory is a free searchable online database listing details of medical, psychological, and complementary health practitioners throughout the UK. Members of the dance profession have recommended all the individuals in the directory. These individuals have indicated that they have experience treating dancers and understand the specific needs and concerns surrounding injury prevention and dancers’ health. This fact is very important to the dancers who use the service, as they know they are more likely to find someone who has a deeper knowledge of the possible causes and consequences and the most appropriate and effective treatment for their injury or concern.

One Dance UK does not specifically endorse or recommend any practitioner listed on the register but enables dancers to choose a suitable practitioner in accordance with our charitable organisational aims, rather than for commercial advertising purposes.

Choreographers Directory

The UK Choreographers Directory (UKCD) is a free directory aimed at producers and directors searching for independent choreographers with experience in the arts and entertainment industries.

Specialisms include:

  • Dance choreography
  • Mass movement
  • Pedestrian movement
  • Circus choreography
  • Music videos
  • VR

If you are looking for a choreographer and would like further recommendations, please contact Amelia:

Please note - we are not currently accepting new applications to the directory. 

Male cuban dancer Carlos Acosta leaning to the left pretending to hold someone showing male dancer how to perform the move. All in colourful traditional cuban costumes

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A male dancer is having his body composition measured by standing on a small scale with his arms outstretched in front of him. In either hand he is grasping a body-composition measurement device which are each connected to the scale with white cables. A white female screening assistant is leant over a white desk observing the monitor, and holding some papers. They are in a white and grey dance laboratory, with gym equipment in the background.


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black male dancer  teaching a group of young people to dance. all in a running man position wearing athletic clothing in a dance studio.


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white female dance teacher guestering to a room full of students who are wearing brightly coloured clothes with a mirrored background. In Dance studio.


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