Dance Manifestos

Read more about how every election, we engage politicians for the benefit of the dance sector.

Vibrant and diverse, the UK dance sector, in all its forms, is a UK success story and one which must be celebrated and championed. As well as being a great UK art form, dance has a unique and important role to play in education, health and wellbeing, community cohesion, social mobility and diversity. Dance is at the heart of our UK creative industries.

The Dance Manifesto calls on politicians to:

  • Enable every child and young person to have access to dance
  • Ensure a thriving dance sector post-Brexit
  • Harness the benefits of dance for public health and wellbeing
  • Foster equality of opportunity for dance artists and leaders
  • Improve dance artists’ working conditions
  • Champion UK dance at home and abroad

Our most recent manifesto

This Dance Manifesto, produced pre-pandemic in 2019 - was a long-term vision of how policymakers could help support the UK dance sector. Click to read or share with your local MP. Not sure who your MP is? Click the button below to find out.

Black female dancer with long brown braids moving a bright orange scarf in the air, looking above the camera, in greenhouse surrounded by plants. Wearing black crop top and black cycling shorts.