National Youth Dance Company’s MADHEAD Scheme of Learning

black male dance artist teaching room of young people, teacher and students in deep lunges with one hand touching the floor the other in a wing shape. Teacher wearing black students out of focus wearing purple t-shirts.

This exclusive resource for our dance teacher members explores the National Youth Dance Company’s celebrated piece MADHEAD choreographed by Botis Seva! This ‘ready-to-go’ 6-lesson Scheme of Learning uses the engaging piece MADHEAD as an inspiration for students to develop and create their own movement material – including responding to creative tasks that are set and explained by Botis himself. The PowerPoints contain filmed interviews, MADHEAD clips and phrases of repertoire that are comprehensively broken down, including a warm up led by Botis and his team delivered in real time. The scheme of work can be adapted for both KS3 and KS4 BTEC Tech Award and RSL Level 2 CAPA.


Who is this for? Dance Education, Children and Young People

Created on 06 July 2023

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