CPD Health and Wellbeing Snippet 4: Growth and Maturation

CPD Health and Wellbeing Snippet 4: Growth and Maturation

Our CPD Snippets programme is a series of short, easily accessible recorded CPD sessions available for members to access at a convenient time, throughout the duration of your membership.  

Recordings are approximately 10 minutes long and designed as introductions to key topics in health and wellbeing. The series of five short recordings will cover nutrition for dance, rest and burnout, warm up and cool down, the adolescent dancer, and acute injury management. 

The fourth CPD snippet about health, wellbeing, and performance is about the adolescent dancer. In it, we address the following questions: What is growth and maturation? How can dance teachers support healthy development for young dancers? How can you learn more about growth and maturation in dance?

This snippet is led by Dr Siobhan Mitchell, Research Fellow in Children & Young People’s Mental Health Research Collaboration (ChYMe), University of Exeter. Dr Mitchell also leads Growing up in dance: Enhancing education and creating sustainable practices in growth and maturation in the dance sector (GuiDANCE).

To learn more about the adolescent dancer, check out all the resources from the GuiDANCE Project. If you’d like more in-depth education, you can book a Healthier Dancer Talk in person or online.


Who is this for? Videos, Children and Young People, Health and Wellbeing

Created on 15 April 2024

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