CPD Health and Wellbeing Snippet 2: Dancers Need Rest

CPD Health and Wellbeing Snippet 2: Dancers Need Rest

Part 2 in a series of our Health and Wellbeing CPD Snippets - a series of short, recorded CPD sessions available for ODUK members to access at any time. This snippet focuses on why dancers need rest. 

The second CPD snippet about health, wellbeing, and performance is about rest. We address the following questions: What is burnout and what are the symptoms you might experience? What can you do to recover? How do you integrate rest into dance training?  

This snippet is led by Prof Matthew Wyon, PhD CSCS FIADMS FHEA, Professor in Exercise Physiology, School of Sport, Institute of Human Sciences, University of Wolverhampton. Prof Wyon has recently released two books, Strength and Conditioning for Dancers (2021) and Periodization: A Framework for Dance Training (2022).

To learn more about rest and burnout for dancers, read our new One Dance UK information sheet on Burnout. If you’d like more in-depth education, you can book a Healthier Dancer Talk in person or online.


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Created on 15 April 2024

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