Introduction to Primary Dance

  • Location Online or In Person available

Date: Choose a date that suits you

Start Time: ANYTIME



This course equips anyone working in a primary setting with the tools and confidence to deliver dance. Our expert team will guide learners through the basic dance terminology and understand how to apply this knowledge in a classroom.    

Session content includes: 

  • The benefits of studying dance 
  • Applying the ingredients of dance  
  • How to design and structure engaging dance activity 
  • Building a strong dance culture within a school settings



  • Participants will have improved dance-specific subject knowledge  
  • Participants will feel more confident in planning, structuring, and delivering high-quality dance. 

The session can be delivered as a twilight session, a half day or a full day and either online or in-person. 

  • TWILIGHT (1.5hours after 3:30pm) MEMBER:  £300 (+VAT) IN-PERSON                    £200 (+VAT) ONLINE 
  • TWILIGHT NON-MEMBER (1.5hours after 3:30pm): £345 (+VAT) IN-PERSON           £235 (+VAT) ONLINE 


  • HALF DAY MEMBER (3 hours):  £425 (+VAT) IN-PERSON                     £300 (+VAT) ONLINE 
  • HALF DAY NON-MEMBER (3 hours) :  £500 (+VAT) IN-PERSON           £350 (+VAT) ONLINE 


  • FULL DAY MEMBER (6 hours) :  £600 (+VAT) IN-PERSON                     £450 (+VAT) ONLINE 
  • FULL DAY NON-MEMBER (6 hours) : £670 (+VAT) IN-PERSON            £550 (+VAT) ONLINE