Why we need your support

We have bold ambitions to ensure our content remains accessible and inclusive for our dance communities, including those who take part in our programmes, access our webinars or undertake our training.

A donation will directly go towards removing barriers that prevent our audiences, including young people, established professionals, or those in education, from having the fullest experience.

Over 2550+ young people participate in our Young Creatives, U.Dance and Young Ambassadors programmes annually. 4.2 million children currently live in poverty (Poverty Action Group 2023).

We are committed to providing accessible opportunities for children and young people in educational and out-of-school settings. With dance provision across the UK remaining a ‘postcode lottery’, our national reach means that children and young people from across the UK are able to perform, choreograph and undertake transformational learning opportunities.

A donation directly alleviates financial pressures that can prevent aspiring, talented young people from participating in dance and fulfilling their creative ambitions.

Your donation will: 

  • Remove barriers such as finance and support aspiring young people from taking part in a life-changing programme motivated to promote dance as a sustainable and valued career pathway
  • Support accessible and inclusive routes into dance
  • Enable a full package of access support for young people across our programmes, covering costs such as transport, accommodation and food

We understand the cost-of-living crisis has impacted everyone. So we appreciate however much you can generously give.

three young white boys holding up a paper puppet with a white female wheel chair dancer holding the puppets arms and smiling, in a dance studio.

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