Young Creatives

A national programme for young choreographers to explore, develop and share creative ideas and talent

We are launching a search to find the choreographers of the future!

Young Creatives is a fully-funded national programme designed to support and nurture aspiring young choreographers aged 16 - 20, providing opportunities for you to experience different ways of creating and developing movement, and culminating in a live performance of your own work. The programme runs over two years – the first year including a range of live and online choreographic workshops to expose you to a range of styles and approaches. You will also have the opportunity to work with Year 1 peers and the Creative Lead to create a performance piece. You then have the option to apply for the second year, where you create your own piece of choreography with the support of a professional mentor, which is then performed at an iconic venue in the UK.

Applications are currently closed and will reopen late 2024 to recruit for the 2025 cohort.


Young Creatives Showcase 2023

Watch the work of the 2022-23 Young Creatives at the Young Choreographers Showcase, part of U.Dance National Youth Dance Festival 2023 in Newcastle here.


Young Creatives 2024 Programme Associate:
London Contemporary Dance School/The Place

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What's happening this year?

The Young Creatives programme for 2024 includes:

• The chance to learn from leading industry professionals about the process of creating and staging choreography

• Opportunities to explore and develop your skills as a choreographer

• In person creative/rehearsal days and workshops, and online workshops, all led by inspiring


• The enjoyment of experimenting and exploring dance work with other young people

We are delighted to announce that leading the Young Creatives programme this year are Sarah Dowling (Year 1 cohort) and Rhian Robbins (Year 2 cohort).

Follow us on social media @onedanceuk to learn more about the programme and to see what it would be like to be a Young Creative!

Two dancers, one global majority female with one arm high wearing purple hoodie and a male global majority dancer hugged around female with arm reaching to the top right wearing wholly black jumper.
Young female global majority dancer with one arm rested on head and other pointed to the right, with head facing top right of the screen. In front of blue background, wearing brown shirt and black trousers.

 “The Young Creatives programme is one not to miss. It was presented brilliantly by all the Young Creatives Team, who couldn’t have been more supportive to me. To be a part of the Young Creatives was such an amazing opportunity. I met some talented and inspirational choreographers/dancers and to be a part of the programme was very special.  Everyone was so enthusiastic and supportive. They really encouraged me to see the potential in my piece. It’s one experience I will never forget.”

Blythe Hood, Year 2 Young Creatives 2023

Being part of the Young Creatives programme was one of the best things I have ever done. I completed the two-year programme with a newfound love for choreography and collaboration and a completely new outlook on the creative arts industry. I never in a million years thought that I would get the opportunity to work with the most incredible people and creatives. Every person I met along my journey listened to my ideas and provided incredible support. The programme has given me the confidence to believe in and be proud of my creative ideas.

Jasmine Ainley-Kaur, Young Creatives 2022

Two female dancers on a black stage with arms in the air feet together leaning to the left. Wearing neutral tones.

“For me, Young Creatives gets to the heart of the matter. It gives young people the time and space to explore their own ideas and I find their openness and creativity inspiring.”

Sir Richard Alston, Champion of U.Dance and Young Creatives