A dance administrator

manages activities and projects provided by a dance organisations. In a dance organisation they facilitate the work of dance artists and dance related arts programmes.

What you need to do to work towards this role

Every dance company, organisation, venue or funding body needs someone to run it and there is a growing demand for administrators who are knowledgeable in dance, administration or management to assist in the day to day running of these organisations, or sometimes with specific events being undertaken.

Administrators in this field need to be organised as well as being flexible and responsive as they will often manage a variety of tasks that can range from project and budget management, organising travel, copywriting, briefing suppliers, event management and sometimes fundraising.

Next steps

Usually people holding these roles will hold a degree in a relevant subject such as dance, drama or performing arts. They may also have hands on experience working or volunteering in the sector. Dance artists sometimes work in administration to boost their income.

This is a competitive field and it’s often necessary to get some good work experience under your belt before applying for jobs!

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