Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


  1. General

1.1 The One Dance UK Teaching Awards are set-up to champion the talented, inspiring and skilled dance teachers that work with children and young people both in and outside of school.

1.2 The principles of the Awards are:

1.2.1 That shortlisted nominees exemplify good practice in teaching, including (but not exclusively) safe practice, expert knowledge of their genre and strong teaching pedagogy.

1.2.2 That any dance teacher can be nominated, provided they meet the criteria set out in point 3.

1.2.3 That no-one be discriminated against based on their gender, ethnicity, age (see exceptions in point 3.1.2), sexuality, disability or socio-economic background.

1.2.4 That One Dance UK does not seek to identify the ‘best’ in any category, but that high quality practice, based on the evidence received in the nomination, is championed.

1.2.5 Being nominated for, or given an Award does not provide a qualification, endorsement or specific recommendation. It demonstrates that the selection panel considered the candidate to have demonstrated sufficient good practice/evidence to warrant receiving an Award for their work.

1.3 The term ‘Children & Young People’ in the case of these Awards, refers to people aged 0 to 25 years.

1.4 The term ‘Teacher’ in this case, refers to a person that: provides regular instruction and learning opportunities for children and/or young people on the subject of dance. This instruction can be of both practical and theoretical content.

  1. Nominations

2.1 Nominations can be received between 6th February 2017 and midnight Friday 19th May 2017 only. Nominations received after this date will not be accepted.

2.2 Anyone can nominate a person/organisation for any Award, except in the following circumstances:

2.2.1 They or the organisation in which they are employed, has sponsored the Award. They can still nominate someone for a different Award.

2.2.2 They are on the Selection Panel or are directly related to someone on the Selection Panel.

2.3 Teachers can nominate themselves for an Award, unless they are an employee of One Dance UK.

2.4 Organisations can nominate themselves for the ‘Inspirational Work in Education’ Award.

2.5 There is no upper or lower age limit to nominate someone for an Award.

2.6 People can nominate more than one teacher for any given Award category.

2.7 People can nominate the same teacher for more than one Award category.

2.8 Nominations cannot be made anonymously. Basic information about the nominator and how they know the nominee will need to be supplied.

2.9 Nominations can be made by anyone living within England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.

2.10 If a member of the Selection Panel is nominated for an Award, and the nomination is deemed worthy of assessment, the nominated panel member will not be involved in deciding who will be short-listed or will win the Award.

2.11 Nominations can only be made via the online portal. Nominations received in any other format will not be accepted.

  1. Criteria

3.1 In order to be eligible for nomination, the candidate must:

3.1.1 live within England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.

3.1.2 be at least 21 years old at the time of nomination.

3.1.3 Not hold any cautions or convictions relating to offences, which mean they are listed on the Disclosure and Barring Service Barred Lists (Children) or equivalent in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

3.1.4 Currently teach dance or in the case of the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ have taught dance for at least 10 years.

3.2 Specific criteria relating to the ‘Inspirational Work in Education’ Award:

3.2.1 The nominated organisation must be based and carry out at least 90% of its work in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

3.2.2 The organisation must have a Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy which is actively followed.

3.2.3 The organisation must be directly involved teaching dance to/with children and young people or is supporting dance teachers to improve their practice.

  1. Sponsors

4.1 Sponsors should ideally have an association with dance or education.

4.2 Sponsors should adhere to the premise that high quality, safe dance teaching is to be encouraged and supported and learning to dance and about dance is worthy of merit.

4.3 Sponsorship of an Award does not provide the sponsor with any special rights or privileges to exploit the nominees or winner in any way.

4.4 PR relating to the Awards and the winners of the sponsored Award will be agreed and signed off by both the Sponsor and One Dance UK.

4.5 Sponsors are not able to influence who wins their or any other Award. The decision as to who wins will be made by an independent panel.

4.6 Sponsors cannot be nominated for the Award they sponsor, but can be nominated for another Award.

  1. Selection & Prize Giving

5.1 The nominees will be shortlisted by a panel of up to seven dance/education specialists appointed by One Dance UK.

5.2 The short-listing panel will also make the decision as to who should be the recipient of each Award.

5.3 No correspondence between the Selection Panel, those that nominate or nominees, will be entered into.

5.4 Feedback will not be provided.

5.5 All shortlisted nominees will be invited to the prize giving by Friday 2nd June 2017.

5.6 The prize giving will take place at Birmingham Hippodrome on Sunday 16th July, this is the only opportunity for a live presentation of the Award.

5.7 The attendees will be asked to provide media consent for their photographs to be taken and used by One Dance UK and sponsorship partners in promotional print, online marketing and social media.

5.8 The prize will consist of an engraved trophy specific to the Award and the winner.

5.9 There is no cash prize, or cash alternative to the prize.

5.10 The afternoon tea with glass of Prosecco will be provided free of charge to those invited to the prize giving.

5.11 Free tickets for the short-listed nominees to attend the U.Dance 2017 performance on Sunday 16th July will be provided free of charge.

5.12 Travel costs to and from the Birmingham Hippodrome and any accommodation required will not be provided.