Dance Ambassadors

Dance Ambassadors

One Dance UK has 20 Dance Ambassadors aged 15-25 who act as both ambassadors for dance in general and where possible assist with the delivery of our activities.

Who is a Dance Ambassador and what do they do?

One Dance UK’s Dance Ambassadors are proactive and confident young people from across the UK. They learn about the work of One Dance UK and advocate for the organisation and its activities across their networks, with decision makers and stakeholders in their location and at events we invite them to. They also help at our events and events we attend (e.g. conferences, regional platforms) and when possible provide support in the office at key times in the year.

In 2017/18 we have partnered with Dance Consortium to develop the programme, providing the Ambassadors with more opportunities to find out about the roles behind taking dance on tour and showcasing dance in high profile large-scale venues.

Benefits for the Dance Ambassadors:

  • An opportunity to work with a high profile dance organisation, with a national reach.
  • Involvement will improve future career prospects, gaining new skills and knowledge.
  • Develop networks through having access to a variety of networking opportunities that they would not have access otherwise.

Dance Ambassadors 2017-2018

Beth A

Dance Ambassador - East

Beth is a Dance Studies student about to begin my second year at the University of Roehampton in London. In her spare time, she enjoys taking classes at Pineapple Dance Studios to learn from professional teachers in further styles to enhance my skills. During her time back at home in Lincoln, she helps out with classes at her old dance school in Ballet, Tap, Musical Theatre and Jazz with students aged 3-18.

During her time as a Dance Ambassador, Beth would particularly like to learn more about the Healthier Dancer Programme and the work One Dance UK do alongside NIDMS and IADMS in the dancer’s health field. As a dancer still combatting injury herself with the help from the NHS Dance Injury Clinic, she would love to learn what new projects, events, conferences and research are out there to further improve this aspect of dance.

Beth V

Dance Ambassador - North East

Whilst completing her vocational dance training, Beth is extending her involvement in dance projects beyond her degree. She currently teaches dance workshops and classes across the North East region in schools, dance groups and additional needs groups, notably at Dame Allan’s school, Youth Dance Tynedale and Percy Hedley school. In addition, a piece she has choreographed has recently toured the North East with Lo-Giudice Dance, being performed in Hexham, Holy Island, Alnwick and Newcastle.

Beth felt proud to be a Dance Ambassador in 2016/17, during which she met some influential people, supported various advocacy ventures, and learnt a vast amount about the portfolio careers within dance. She is looking forward to another year of learning and experiencing through One Dance UK’s eyes.


Dance Ambassador - North East

Ciara recently finished her first year studying Dance at Leeds Beckett University. In March 2017, herself and five other students from the University represented Leeds Beckett at ‘Move It’ in London, and Ciara has been organising for a group of students to go again in 2018. She often helps with Professional Dance Experience, whether that be in associate classes or workshops, and during August she will assist with their summer school at Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Ciara is training to be a Ballet Teacher at Headingley Ballet School.

Ciara enjoys networking with new people within the community, and would like to explore this even further through her role as a Dance Ambassador. She wishes to become more engaged with the dance community nationally, and to encourage and promote as many people as possible to become involved in the dance community. She hopes to connect different dancers and companies through One Dance UK. Ciara is also looking forward to meeting other Dance Ambassadors to hear their thoughts and experiences, and to work alongside other young people up and down the country.


Dance Ambassador - London

Destiny has just started her second year of Dance at Middlesex University. In year one, she had the opportunity to create her own choreography with three dancers, based around poems she had written in the past year.

Destiny is excited to be a Dance Ambassador to encourage people to get involved with dance. She would like to better understand the business side of dance, as her long-term goal is to open a performing arts centre. She also hopes that being a Dance Ambassador might also help build her confidence in becoming a motivator for younger people who are not sure if dance is for them. She has always loved to dance as she finds it an emotional outlet, and would love to learn different skills through seeing and listening to different professional pioneers.


Dance Ambassador - West

Ella has been a student of the DancExchange Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) scheme for three years. She has performed at venues such as the Crescent Theatre, The Patrick Centre and The Birmingham Hippodrome Stage as part of My Dance and U.Dance from 2015-2017. She is also a member of Insteps Dance Academy, where she runs her own Musical Theatre class.

Having witnessed the level of passion for dance at U.Dance 2017, it occurred to Ella how important it is to continue to advocate dance as a means of creativity, discipline and exploration, where everyone can feel included in a world language: the body.

She feels she could share her experience and passion for the art form through her role as a Dance Ambassador for One Dance UK. She is committed to making sure that dance along with other art forms is maintained as a priority in educating young people to explore their own creativity.


Dance Ambassador - London

Grace has just begun a three-year course in musical theatre at WAC Arts College.

In summer 2017, Grace was heavily involved in two creative community projects in the borough of Islington: the Isledon Carnival project for 12-17-year-olds, and the Indigo project for 18-25-year-olds. Grace led, helped facilitate, assist and completed choreography for many of the classes that contributed to a final showcase. She was also part of the marketing and promotion of the Isledon project, developing a marketing strategy to promote the details of the project to the community.

Dance is, to Grace, a powerful art form for communication and expression. She hopes that being a Dance Ambassador will help her to grow in the field of dance, being surrounded by people who are just as passionate as she is, and who are on a similar journey. She hopes this will inspire and motivate her to keep on striving for a world where anybody can access dance and the creative arts.


Dance Ambassador - London

Harry studies Choreography at Middlesex University, and assists in teaching at the Monday Moves class at the Royal Opera House (for visually impaired dancers). He has enjoyed some fantastic dance opportunities, from choreographing for MOVE IT and performing at the RAF museum, to teaching workshops at various dance schools, and from understudying for a piece at the Elixir Festival, to observing the 2017 Cohan Collective – as well as many amazing opportunities from One Dance UK.

Harry is in his second year as a One Dance UK Dance Ambassador. His experiences with One Dance UK at the ReGenerations conference, Trailblazers at The Place and the launch of the Cultural Alliance at the House of Commons in his first year left him keen for more knowledge, introducing him to important sectors such as Dance of the African Diaspora.


Dance Ambassador - Edinburgh, Scotland

Holly’s passion for teaching started in her teens, when she spent four years assisting at her local dance school. This experience further helped inform her degree course, where she was given the opportunity to design and teach workshops to Brownie groups from the surrounding area of Argyll. As the majority of the Brownies had never taken a dance class, teaching them their first workshop was an exciting challenge that required Holly to think on her feet, whilst encouraging the Brownies to get stuck in and explore new ideas.

Holly hopes that being a Dance Ambassador for One Dance UK will enable her to build upon her current knowledge and experience by gaining first-hand insight into a dynamic industry which is constantly changing and growing. In particular, she is interested in the Healthier Dancer Programme and the Children and Young People’s programme, with a keenness to support the aim of the CYP Programme to elevate dance to the same prominence as other key school subjects.


Dance Ambassador - South East

Isy is studying Dance at the University of Chichester. Last year, she studied as an exchange student in Lisbon, and she is this year a part of 3rd year company, 3Fall. As part of this company, she looks forward to working with choreographers including James Wilton and Abi Mortimer.

As a former member of Hampshire Youth Dance Company, Isy worked with many choreographers and performed at a number of exciting events. Her highlights include dancing at the Mayflower in Southampton for a New Adventures curtain raiser at their performance of ‘Edward Scissorhands’; and dancing at One Dance UK’s national youth dance festival, U.Dance.

Isy is excited to be a Dance Ambassador because she has a passion and drive for dance. She believes that One Dance UK is addressing a very relevant issue in its advocacy for dance in education. Isy feels she has had amazing dance opportunities and believes that everyone deserves to enjoy dance.


Dance Ambassador - Aberdeen, Scotland

Jemma is studying Contemporary Dance at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance. She also works at Scottish Dance Theatre, assisting in their inclusive dance classes, and teaches contemporary dance at her old dance school in Aberdeen.

Jemma is a member of YDance’s integrated dance company Horizons, which has collaborated with Let’s Dance Europe to create exchange programmes in Granada, Spain, and Bremen, Germany. In 2016, she was chosen to be a Young Creative for One Dance UK, a project which opened her eyes to the potential impact a small idea can have on a larger field.

Jemma hopes to use her platform as a Dance Ambassador for One Dance UK to advocate for dance and to inspire others through dance. She is keen to speak to local councils and schools about doing more inclusive workshops, and making people aware of how much dance can promote fitness, wellbeing and positive mental health.


Dance Ambassador - London

Jewel performs with a dance company and performs with fellow students at her school in a shows alongside dance company Kronos Agoria.

She hopes that through her role as a One Dance UK Dance Ambassador, she might gain more confidence, especially when it comes to networking and knowledge of the sector. She also feels it would be beneficial to know the business aspects of managing events and projects.


Dance Ambassador - East

Katharine works as the administrator for Dancers’ Career Development, allowing her to engage day-to-day with dancers at a pivotal point in their career.

Katharine is also a very enthusiastic amateur dancer, taking regular classes in Contemporary and Ballet. She is a member of City Academy’s Jazz Company which, as well as the opportunity to improve, also gives her the chance to perform. In addition, she tries to see as much dance as possible and enjoys questioning where the boundaries between dance, art and movement life.

Katharine wants to challenge the perception that dance must be learned from an early age. She is passionate about the ability dance has to communicate at an instinctive level, breaking down barriers and allowing the potential to express what cannot always easily be said out loud. She is also keen to advocate for dance to be used more often as a wellbeing resource, particularly in schools and youth settings.


Dance Ambassador - London

Matthew dances with SLiDE at the Brit School. SLiDE performed in Birmingham as part of U.Dance 2017. Matthew enjoys dancing, performing and helping Gemma, SLiDE’s leader, in running classes with the Brit School students.

Matthew consider himself very helpful and is excited to begin his role as a Dance Ambassador for One Dance UK.


Dance Ambassador - Belfast, Northern Ireland

While studying her Level 3 qualification in Performing Arts last year, Megan was involved in a number of dance performances within the college and beyond. She also previously taught cheerleading, which integrated her skills in dance, and has enjoyed the opportunity to teach dance in a secondary school. She loves teaching and learning and has a real passion for dance.

Megan is looking forward to being a Dance Ambassador for One Dance UK because she loves introducing dance to the world. She feels that dance is for all, whether they know it or not, and with so many different styles there is something to suit everyone. She also recognises that dance is a great stress reliever. Megan is keen to work hard and put all of her efforts in to being a Dance Ambassador.


Dance Ambassador - London

Myla has a bursary with the Trinity Laban CAT Dance Scheme, and has performed in shows with YMT in their Dance Connection series of devised musicals. She was also selected as one of YMT’s young representatives, giving feedback on their projects over the summer.

Myla is looking forward to being a One Dance UK Dance Ambassador, because she loves to collaborate with dance organisations and wants to broaden her career prospects through learning and improving her skills in dance. She is also keen to help organise and promote dance events around the UK. In particular, she would like to learn more about the management of events and feels her role as a Dance Ambassador would help her to learn how to encourage other people to become members. Myla wants to be able to gain networking and organisational skills, and to help find solutions to current issues that are limiting the dance sector from moving forward and developing further.


Dance Ambassador - South

Sarah studies GCSE dance at Ryde Academy and practises tap, ballet and freestyle at Footsteps dance studio. She is also involved in her school’s Rock Challenge team. In addition, she is a member of the Ryde Academy Elite Team run by Hilary Seaton, in which a select few dancers train and participate in competitions and showcases across the south. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of opportunities for Sarah to help at venues nearby for dance events. Sarah feels this is a particular problem in her home of the Isle of Wight, and so she looks forward to the chance to be a One Dance UK Dance Ambassador.

Sarah believes that becoming a Dance Ambassador will give her access to the incredible world of professional dance – an opportunity which she fears may not have presented itself to her otherwise. She is keen to do all she can to inspire and encourage dancers and other young people.


Dance Ambassador - East Midlands

Sophie recently completed her BA (Hons) Dance degree at the University of Lincoln. In her final year, she was appointed the University of Lincoln Dance Society tap teacher.

At the time of publication, Sophie is on a three-month Dance Administration internship at Dance4 in Nottingham. Throughout this internship she has been assisting and supporting the delivery of the artistic programme, undertaking marketing activities and helping with the operation of the Dance4 international Centre for Choreography.

Throughout her time as a One Dance UK Dance Ambassador for 2016-2017, Sophie learnt many new skills and gained a lot of valuable experience. She volunteered at Re:Generations4, U.Dance regional platform Mass Movement, U.Dance2017, wrote to her MP and advocated to peers and teachers at her university about One Dance UK. She is keen to build on the confidence she gained by reprising her role this year.


Dance Ambassador - South East

As a recent Drama and Dance graduate, Victoria is keen to continue developing her practice, skills and knowledge about the dance being produced and created in the UK today.

Victoria believes being a One Dance UK Dance Ambassador will offer a great chance to network and connect with other dancers, choreographers, dance companies and artists not only in her region, but nationally. Since volunteering at U.Dance 2015 in her hometown, she has focused her practice on creating inclusive work for those who have had no experience in dance, and this provoked her to further her development as a dance artist by applying to be a Dance Ambassador.

Victoria would love to gain more experience in working within the arts industry through admin, fundraising, project management, and dance facilitation/ teaching, and believes the opportunity to represent her region for One Dance UK is a brilliant platform for her to do so.


Dance Ambassador - London

Théïa is training at London Contemporary Dance School, where she was recently awarded the Peggy Hawkins Scholarship for ‘demonstrating exceptional potential as a dance artist’. She enjoys taking advantage of the dance and arts scene that living in London provides, attending a vast array of shows and workshops, learning from leading professionals and meeting people from all over the world. Théïa is also a Teaching Assistant on the Children and Youth Dance programme at The Place.

During her experience as a One Dance UK Dance Ambassador in 2016-2017, Théïa gained an insight into the vast range of work the organisation engages with. She cites volunteering at the Together for Dance gala; speaking about the value of dance education at the House of Commons; attending the ImagineNation launch; helping with the annual members’ event; and assisting at and writing a review of the Trailblazers event as some of her highlights. This year, she hopes to further develop her confidence in public speaking, advocacy, networking and management.


Dance Ambassador - North East

Wulfrun studies A-level dance and dances with Phoenix Youth Academy North East. She is her school’s dance captain, choreographs for numerous clubs within school for internal and external performances, and has gained work experience at The Place.

Wulfrun is excited to be a Dance Ambassador for One Dance UK because she is extremely passionate about dance. She believes that working with One Dance UK would be an incredibly valuable experience for her, as she is hoping to pursue a career in dance. She feels the opportunity would provide her with an excellent insight into the industry, from a perspective which she has yet to explore.