The Imagination Museum Job listing - Project Manager

Made By Katie Green is looking for a friendly, organised, experienced Project Manager to support The Imagination Museum dance/heritage network.

13 November 2023 Posted by One Dance Team


Having secured funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England, The Imagination Museum / Made By Katie Green are looking for a friendly, organised, experienced Project Manager to support them with a range of tasks during the first phase of redeveloping The Imagination Museum network (to take place December 2023 - September 2024).

The Imagination Museum network is for dance and heritage professionals of all kinds - dance artists, choreographers, heritage practitioners, museum managers, researchers, curators, producers, teachers for example - who are interested in using dance to bring to life collections, sites and stories in new ways for new audiences.

Please visit for more information about The Imagination Museum's work to date.

The Project Manager Role would include administrative, communication, evaluation and fund-raising/development activities to support the smooth-running of the network, collaborating with the Strategic Lead (Katie Green) and Project Producer (Vicky Thornton).

The fee for the Project Manager is £5,600 to cover 32 days or equivalent at £175/day.

For full information about the Project Manager callout, please visit The Imagination Museum website here:, or email .

To apply for this role please send:

  1. An Expression of Interest (up to 500 words or a video or voice recording of up to 3 mins) covering:
    - your relevant skills, qualities and experience (particularly any examples of your previous involvement with dance/heritage projects),
    - a bit about why you would like to take on this challenge and what you think you would bring to the role/your approach,
    - any particular support you think you might need in order to work with us as The Imagination Museum Project Manager. We welcome any questions you might have about particular areas of the Project Management brief.
    (More details:

  2. Your CV or alternative link to information about your work to date

  3. Please complete our Equality, Diversity, Inclusion short survey here

by 5pm on Friday 1st December (emailing

Full details are provided in the callout here: . We look forward to hearing from you!