Fonteyn candidate applications are now open

The Fonteyn 2023 competition will be held in London from 21–29 October. It is dedicated to promoting and rewarding excellence in young ballet dancers.

24 January 2023


ballet dancer from birmingham royal ballet

Candidate applications are now open for the Margot Fonteyn International Ballet Competition.

The Fonteyn is dedicated to promoting and rewarding standards of excellence in young ballet dancers around the world. It does this by offering candidates a unique opportunity to work with world-renowned choreographers and professionals, as well as the chance to perform on an international stage.

The 2023 competition will be held in London, UK from 21 – 29 October. Coaching and rehearsals will take place at the RAD’s global headquarters from 22 – 25 October. The semi-finals will be held in the Aud Jebsen Studio Theatre at RAD headquarters on 26 – 27 October, with the final at a West End theatre on the evening of 29 October.

The competition is open to dancers who are current members of the Royal Academy of Dance, and have passed exams in RAD Advanced 1, as well as having achieved Advanced 2 (with Distinction). Evidence is required.

Candidates must be aged 15 – 20 years by Friday 1 September 2023 and be of nonprofessional status. They must not have been employed on a professional contract prior to participation, however, students who have been offered a professional engagement that begins after the competition will still be eligible to enter.

Candidates will be notified on Friday 7 July at 18.00 (UK time) whether or not they have secured a place at The Fonteyn 2023.

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