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Sarah Pritchard

Practitioner Types: Franklin Method®,Pilates,Somatic Movement Educator,Somatic Practitioner



As a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist (RSME/RSMT) and Advanced Franklin Method® Educator, I am qualified to teach all levels of the Franklin Method®, the corresponding workshops and classes, either group or 1:1. I also work with dance organisations that bring me in to work with their own dancers using Franklin Method®.

I help dancers embody any system within our body, to help create comfortable and effortless movement, to develop technical or expressive skills in dance or problem solve some issues a dancer may be experiencing. I teach mainly online in my Virtual Studio, although I hope later in the year to return to some live teaching, all details of which are found on my website.

I currently run my weekly Franklin Method® classes on livestream that are drop in classes, they have a differing focus, some require a lot of movement, some use the tools of the Franklin Method® (our balls and bands) and some work specifically on developing interoceptive skills and helping the body reach a state of balance and peace at the end of the day.

My Virtual Studio also runs in depth Franklin Method Workshops and Specialist experiential classes. It also has its own dancer specific programme: Tension Free Dancer which runs at different points throughout the year and introduces dancers to all elements of the Franklin Method®, giving dancers specific tools using imagery and embodiment to help them with their dancing in so many different ways. Please visit my website for more information, or get in touch to see how I can support you.

For members of One Dance UK please email me for details of a hello discount for any 1:1 or group class you would like to try.


Comprehensive Pilates, studio and mat, including body conditioning and remedial exercise with a focus on dance health, injury prevention and optimal movement and female health.

Advanced qualifications in Pre and Post Natal Pilates and Diastasis Recti Recovery, Buff Bones® for Healthy Bones and Joints, Safe for those with Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.

Hybrid sessions combining Franklin Method® and Pilates for optimal movement, injury prevention and remedial work within Pilates.

Dance Style: Classical Ballet, Commercial, Contemporary, Musical theatre, Salsa, Street, Tango

Average Dancers Treated Per Month: 10 to 15

Professional Details

Professional Bodies

  • International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association

Able to take NHS referrals: No

Experience With Disabilities: No


Institution: Franklin Method Institute

Course Name: Franklin Method Educator Level 1

Award: L1 Introductory

Institution: Franklin Method Institute

Course Name: Franklin Method International

Award: L2 Intermediate

Institution: Franklin Method Institute

Course Name: Franklin Method International

Award: L3 Advanced

Institution: Franklin Method Institute

Course Name: Franklin Method International

Award: Fascia Trainer


Clinic Name: Sarah Pritchard Pilates and Somatic Movement Studio

Address: Virtual studio, as well as in person practice at various venues in Shropshire, Birmingham and London, please see website for details.

Email: sarah@sarahpritchardpilatessomaticmovement.com

Website: https://sarahpritchardpilatessomaticmovement.com