Dance Ambassadors advocate for KS4 & 5 dance

Dance Ambassador Lucy J:
Studying dance at KS4 & 5 use transferable skills that you can apply in life such as independence, social and group work and problems solving. Studying dance will really enhance your passion for dance by seeing how diverse and inclusive dance. Dance is about allowing the passion for music to bring everyone together regardless of your ability.

Dance Ambassador Lucy D:
I did both A-Level Dance and a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Performing Arts whilst at CAPA College in Wakefield and I found both qualifications to be extremely beneficial to my development as a dancer as well as personally. The courses allowed me to challenge myself creatively and to expand my knowledge of the industry. This extra knowledge I acquired has been extremely important whilst embarking on a career as a dancer/performer as you have a better understanding of how things work and what is going on in the industry. The variety of styles and genres that you are exposed to help you to become a more well-rounded dancer with the tools to develop your own personal style. I was put in total new situations which pushed me to try new things and push myself out of my comfort zone. Some of these experiences include creating and performing a solo to be toured through Primary Schools, performing solos and quartets in a variety of genres and choreographing my first group dance. This exposure to choreography shaped the start of my career and has given me the confidence in my abilities to begin teaching my choreography professionally. Both the BTEC and A-Level gave me invaluable knowledge, a huge boost of confidence and allowed me to grow as an individual and a dancer.

Ex Dance Ambassador Beth A:
Studying GCSE Dance provided me with an engaging introduction into new ways of creating, exploring, writing and thinking about the possibilities of movement. The specification provoked opportunities to look openly at other genres of dance, by studying a range of accessible and professional works. GCSE dance instils students with an abundance of skills applicable both in and out of dance contexts, including; communication, teamwork and leadership. This chosen subject is an opportunity to explore individual mental and physical capabilities through a vibrant curriculum, which aims to grow, nurture and challenge creative movement potential. GCSE dance encourages young dancers to generate vibrant work through their own individual ways of choreographing and performing. Studying GCSE dance provided me with the opportunity to learn in an innovative, supportive space, away from the traditional classroom setting. It not only gave me an extensive insight into the wide scope of the dance industry, but also made me a more confident, self-aware, student and dancer.