Dance Ambassadors

Dance Ambassadors

Dance Ambassadors 2016 to 2017

One Dance UK has 20 Dance Ambassadors who act as both ambassadors for the work of One Dance UK and where possible assist with the delivery of our activities.

Who is a Dance Ambassador and what do they do?

One Dance UK’s Dance Ambassadors are proactive and confident young people from across the UK. They learn about the work of One Dance UK and advocate for the organisation and its activities across their networks, with decision makers and stakeholders in their location and at events we invite them to. They provide additional ‘manpower’ at our own events and events we attend (e.g. conferences, regional platforms) and when possible provide support in the office at key times in the year.

Benefits for the Dance Ambassadors:

  • An opportunity to work with a high profile dance organisation, with a national reach.
  • Involvement will improve future career prospects, gaining new skills and knowledge.
  • Develop networks through having access to a variety of networking opportunities that they would not have access otherwise.

The role:

The role of a Dance Ambassador, as a volunteer is to create awareness of One Dance UK through social media as well as promoting offers and news through emails and leaflet distribution, targeting a wide range of people from dance students to dance companies. The role would also require a Dance Ambassador to encourage as many people as possible to become members to drive the dance sector forward and further into development and success.

Dance Ambassador are interested and passionate about dance and demonstrate this throughout the year. They are expected to attend meetings/ virtual meetings/ training and finding solutions to the issues raised throughout. Through this role they gain communication, organisational and networking skills as well as gaining great personal satisfaction due to contributing to the dance world and the wellbeing of others in such a positive way.


Dance Ambassadors 2015-2016

Alyssa Lisle

Dance Ambassador - North East

Alyssa is currently studying on the BA (Hons) Dance Professional Practise. She is a freelance dance teacher in styles such as contemporary, hip-hop, ballroom and jazz as well a member of a touring dance company.  Alyssa began dancing at the age of 3, at a local dance school and has been dancing ever since. Alyssa states ‘I have never found a passion for anything else quite like my passion for performing and teaching- it really is the best job in the world!’ Dance is important to Alyssa because it brings so many good memories to her, both personally through achievements that she has made as well as with friends and family. Alyssa applied to become a Dance Ambassador  because she feels very passionate about developing and promoting dance across the North East.


Dance Ambassador - East Midlands

At present, Bethany is currently in her second year at university studying Contemporary Dance. Bethany first began dancing at the age of 4 immersing herself within the styles of Ballet, Tap and Modern. She then progressed, adding disco, freestyle, street and Hip-Hop to her repertoire.


Dance is important to Bethany as it is more than just a hobby to her, it is her lifestyle choice.


Bethany applied to become a Dance Ambassador as she wanted to learn more about ADAD, Dance UK, NDTA and YDE and the new organisation. She wants to advocate for dance, promote dance and help others experience dance in a way she has been lucky to experience it. Bethany believes being a Dance Ambassador will give her an incredible opportunity to learn and grow within the dance industry as well as helping others to do so.


Dance Ambassador - East Midlands

Bisola is a Nigerian artist, whose love of the beauty of dance gave her the drive to look into movement, and different dance forms, taking her into a wonderful journey in dance.


The root to her journey began with Hip Hop, though at an early age she danced African dance whilst in Nigeria, before moving to the UK. Training with a Hip-Hop company, Bisola gained lots of knowledge in the dance world and began to find interests in other forms of dance, including contemporary dance.


Bisola is an African Contemporary Dancer and Actress, training at a university specalising in the arts. She currently works with an acting group. Bisola has also trained in Jazz and Musical Theatre, and worked and trained with many artists that include, Norma Santana, Alesandra Seutin and Tony Adigun. She recently went to the 2015 World Dance Movement in Italy at Castellana Grotte where she performed on stage with works of Eva Sanchez Martz, Joshua Pelatzky and Michele Pogliani.


Bisola applied to become a Dance Ambassador to gain more abilities as a leader, learn important tools to help build herself as a leader, work with One Dance UK and improve her CV.


Bisola’s expectation is to develop herself with further knowledge in her practice. She craves for success to become great, as an artist and as an individual.


Dance Ambassador - South East

Ellie has been dancing for as long as she can remember and her passion has only continued to grow, motivating her to strengthen her understanding of the art, and aspire to have an input into the ever growing dance world. Ellie currently works at a state school, teaching a range of ages and abilities, all of whom have the capability to progress. Her involvement in dance for the local area has seen a newly formed network for professionals, providing a place to share, support and create new partnerships, with the aim to promote dance to a wider audience.


Ellie feels the Dance Ambassador programme will provide her with an invaluable insight into the organisation, a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which will be hugely beneficial to her as a dance artist and teacher. She will have the opportunity to meet like-minded people, with the potential to increase her networks and gain support for something she is truly passionate about.


Dance Ambassador - Yorkshire

Emily is currently a second year of university studying contemporary dance. She began dancing at the age of 3 and continued through school to degree level. Emily is also part of a dance academy.


Dance is important to Emily not just through the physical practice which is highly enjoyable, but theoretically by learning about injury prevention, physiology and the well-being of professional dancers.


Emily applied to be a Dance Ambassador after being a National Young Dance Ambassador for Youth Dance England. Emily learnt so much throughout the year and it was a privilege to be representing Youth Dance England, so feels privileged to have the opportunity to represent One Dance UK and learn so much more excites her.


Dance Ambassador - East Midlands

Emma currently works as a dance practitioner in the East Midlands for several organisations. Emma also runs a lifestyle blog which has inspired her to create a separate dance blog primarily for young people. She began dancing at the age of 4 at a local dance school. Emma feels that dance is very important for general health and wellbeing, and that nothing makes you feel more alive than dancing. She believes it’s important that we all experience it, somehow.


Emma applied to be a Dance Ambassador because she thinks it’s important to continue developing the voice of young people in dance and to encourage future generations to become involved. Emma is particularly looking forward to talking to young people and organisations on how we can make effective conversations.


Dance Ambassador - North West

Holly is currently studying full time on the Professional Performing Diploma alongside A-Level Dance at college. Her diploma involves studying, musical theatre, acting and dance. Holly also attends a local dance school where she is currently studying Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, National & Contemporary at an Intermediate level.


Holly is a member of a youth dance company in the North West, which involves attending weekly technique lessons and creative workshops leading up to U.Dance 2016. As a part time job Holly works at a local dancewear shop serving customers and advising them on all types of dance products. This enables her to build up a relationship with the customers whilst also learning about different parts of the dance industry.


Dance Ambassador - South East

Isobel is currently in her second year of university studying a BA in Dance.


Isobel started dancing at the age of 11 when she attended dance classes that had just opened in her local town hall. She has continued dancing ever since, and still performs solo and in groups whenever she is back in Cornwall.
Ever since Isobel’s first dance class she has loved learning new and varied styles of dance. She particularly enjoys social dance, and is an advocate for how engaging and rewarding it can be for anyone of any ability. Isobel believes ‘dancing is the best healer and stress reliever’.


Isobel applied to be a Dance Ambassador so that she could help other dancers receive information, advice and help that would further their careers in the sector, while improving their wellbeing and lives, and in doing so, develop her own knowledge alongside


Dance Ambassador - Scotland

Jenifer currently attends a secondary school where she is in her fifth year studying for her Highers. Jenifer’s first experience of dance was on her fifth birthday, when she attended a dance class. Dance has given Jenifer the ability to express herself and she loves being immersed in the music and movement. Jenifer is always looking for new classes to attend. Jenifer has been a member of two ballet youth dance companies and was offered a place on an exchange programme for 2015-16.


Jenifer applied to be a Dance Ambassador as she wants to expand her knowledge, connections and enjoys meeting new people. Jenifer is passionate that dance is her future and believes being an ambassador will be an exciting part of it.


Dance Ambassador - East Midlands

Jessica is currently studying Contemporary Dance and Choreography at university. As well as managing her studies, Jessica also manages multiple projects of her own.


Jessica began dancing at primary school age but realised her choreographic abilities at 16 when she made group choreographies to the works of minimalist composer Steve Reich, after which she trained in African Contemporary Dance. Throughout university, Jessica has been exploring new and diverse styles, as well as creating her own codified style of movement reflective of her Jamaican/German heritage.


Jessica wanted to become Dance Ambassador because she feels it is important to have somebody who truly cares about issues concerning our ever-changing dance sector. She feels that the insight into the dance industry, which she will gain from this role, will allow her to have a thorough understanding of its current situation, and help her consider her progression route in dance. Jessica not only has experience, but is self-motivated and is dedicated to the commitments that come with the role of a Dance Ambassador.


Dance Ambassador - Yorkshire

Kane is currently in his 2nd year of a BPA Honours degree course.


Kane began dancing properly at the age of four although at the age of two he was convinced he was a cast member of the musical Cats! He has trained in Ballet, tap and street and has attended the Swindon Dance CAT scheme at Exeter Youth Dance Academy for five years and was a member of Plymouth Youth Dance Company at the Barbican Theatre for eight years.


Dance is important to Kane as it allows him to be himself, with no boundaries and gives him the freedom to explore and challenge his own and other people’s abilities. He believes dance has the power to unite and thinks everyone should have the opportunity to take part.


Kane applied to be a Dance Ambassador after volunteering at U.Dance 2015 in his hometown of Plymouth. He enjoyed the experience so much that he thought he would like to find out more about the role of a Dance Ambassador and found the role very appealing.

Leah Lord

Dance Ambassador - East Midlands

Leah is currently undertaking an internship in arts administration, working mostly on children’s theatre and dance projects. She enjoys helping children get involved in dance from an early age.


Leah studied dance history as part of her course Russian and East European Civilisations at the University of Nottingham; specifically, Soviet ballet. Leah loves taking class and trying out new styles, as well as attending performances. Most recently, Leah has begun reviewing ballet for the Russian Art and Culture organisation.


Leah applied to be a Dance Ambassador as she feel it’s a brilliant opportunity to join a team of like-minded people, support an exciting new organisation and advocate for dance on a local and national level. Leah has an ambition to work in the dance sector, so believes this programme will help her learn from industry professionals, expand her network and figure out the next step in her career.


Dance Ambassador - West Midlands

Liberty is currently studying for her PGCE in Dance. She began dancing at the age of four and has been teaching professionally since she was 16.


Dance is important to Liberty as it is inclusive and can be accessed by anyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, background etc.


Liberty applied to be a Dance Ambassador as she wants to widen her knowledge of dance provision in the UK, and improve Dance Education and Community Dance provisions in her local area.


Dance Ambassador - London

Lily is currently studying Professional Practice in the Arts (BA Honours) at university and previously trained at Elmhurst School for Dance and English National Ballet School. Lily began dancing at three years old and at the age of 11 began to train at a vocational level.


Dance is important to Lily because it is a passion of hers; it is something that she has previously trained hard for and it is an art form that Lily feels does not gets enough recognition. Lily applied therefore to become a Dance Ambassador because she wants to spread the word about dance and wants to welcome those who wish to learn more about it. Lily plans to achieve this by sharing her own passions and aspirations. She hopes she can make dance an art form that is valued, appreciated and recognised by all.


Dance Ambassador - Yorkshire

Lucy is currently studying A Levels in English Literature, History, Law and Psychology at Sixth Form College.


Lucy first began dancing at the age of four and has carried on ever since. Lucy trained at Phoenix Youth Academy and is also a Senior Associate for another organisation.


Dance is important to Lucy as she is passionate about performing; it’s something that she loves. She also really enjoys taking technique classes too.


Lucy applied to become a Dance Ambassador as she is considering a career in dance. She feels the role of a Dance Ambassador will provide her with excellent opportunities and experiences in many aspects of dance, not just in training. Lucy also feels that being a Dance Ambassador will improve her knowledge of the dance industry. Lucy is passionate about dance so becoming a Dance Ambassador is something that interested her and she hopes to learn a lot from the experience.


Dance Ambassador - London

Mary was inspired to participate in ballet at the age of three after watching The Birmingham Royal Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker. Mary still feels just as intrigued about dance as she did when she first entered into this industry. Mary’s passion for performing and choreographing continues to grow, as well as her interest in other aspects of the industry.


Dance makes Mary feel euphoric. She cannot wait to be part of this profession and wishes to be an integral part of the future of dance. Mary plans to keep up to date and be pro-active. She hopes to use the Dance Ambassador experience to not only learn from fellow professionals but also share her experiences with others in the industry.


Dance Ambassador - Wales

Megan began dancing aged 4 and attended vocational training at 18, however, she was unfortunately diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at 21. Megan refused to let this stop her pursue her goals, and has since obtained a teaching qualifications and is studying towards a degree. Megan teaches dance to people of all ages. Dance is a platform for self-expression. Megan believes she is a role model for all generations; young and old, proving that whatever life throws at you, you can have the strength, the belief, the motivation and the support to still achieve your goals. As a Dance Ambassador, Megan will strive to communicate this message. She believes dance can unite a community, build relationships, increase confidence and encourage people to be their unique selves without fear of judgment or failure. She also believes that as long as your heart is connected then failure doesn’t exist in dance.


Dance Ambassador - East

Niamh began dancing aged 12 at a local street dance class and aged 14 joined a contemporary dance company and dance became her life.


After attending a Satellite CAT Scheme in 2014, Niamh joined another dance company. In 2015 she became a member of a CAT Scheme, where she currently trains twice a week alongside studying for three A levels at college.


Niamh has participated in two U.Dance festivals and in 2015 was selected for Youth Dance England’s Young Creatives programme as a choreographer. The programme included spending time at The Royal Ballet School and having her choreography performed at the Royal Opera House.


As an Dance Ambassador Niamh wants to represent youth dance and share her passion about promoting dance in the wider community. She is passionate about making dance all-inclusive and ensuring the value of dance is recognised at a local and national level.


Dance Ambassador - South West

Rosie is currently studying her A Levels.


Rosie first began dancing at a local dance school doing ballet at the age of 3, since then she has tried many other styles but still continues with ballet, taking class once a week. For Rosie, dance is a way of showing the beauty of the human body whilst telling a story at the same time. She understands her body so much more as a result of dance.


Rosie applied to be a Dance Ambassador because she wanted to develop her own personal understanding of dance as well as bring dance to places and people who haven’t seen or done much dance before.


Dance Ambassador - West Midlands

After graduating with a degree in dance and a PGCE in performing arts dance, Sarah is now a permanent supply teacher based in a secondary school. She teaches predominantly dance and philosophy & ethics as well as a variety of lessons throughout the school teaching young people aged 11-16.


Sarah plans and leads two extra-curricular dance clubs for years 7, 8 and 10 developing both technique and choreographic skills across Key Stages 3 and 4. They are well attended with mixed ability students working in the styles of contemporary, lyrical, ballet and tap.


Sarah applied to be a Dance Ambassador because she is extremely enthusiastic about performing arts and especially with promoting its place within the community. She has experience of teaching dance in both the curriculum and in the wider community and strongly believes in the importance of raising awareness of dance to people of all ages.


Dance Ambassador - South East

Sophia is very excited to be selected as a Dance Ambassador for One Dance UK, and is particularly excited about advocating for dance. Advocating about dance is something which Sophia is very passionate about and has been an integral part of her life. Sophia began dancing at a young age and was lucky growing up with many dance opportunities. Sophia is keen to ensure that such opportunities exist and that the importance of the arts is not lost in modern society.


Sophia studied Dance at The University of Roehampton, which allowed her to explore her interest in dance even further and is now an Events and Media Manager for a national performing arts competition that provides the opportunity for young people to experience an adrenaline-based high through performing live on a professional stage rather than through the use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs which she feel ties in perfectly with her passion.