Dance Ambassadors

Dance Ambassadors

Dance Ambassadors 2016 to 2017

One Dance UK has 20 Dance Ambassadors aged 15-25 who act as both ambassadors for dance in general and where possible assist with the delivery of our activities.

Who is a Dance Ambassador and what do they do?

One Dance UK’s Dance Ambassadors are proactive and confident young people from across the UK. They learn about the work of One Dance UK and advocate for the organisation and its activities across their networks, with decision makers and stakeholders in their location and at events we invite them to. They also help at our events and events we attend (e.g. conferences, regional platforms) and when possible provide support in the office at key times in the year.

In 2017/18 we are working with Dance Consortium to develop the programme, providing the Ambassadors with more opportunities to find out about the roles behind taking dance on tour and showcasing dance in high profile large-scale venues.

Benefits for the Dance Ambassadors:

  • An opportunity to work with a high profile dance organisation, with a national reach.
  • Involvement will improve future career prospects, gaining new skills and knowledge.
  • Develop networks through having access to a variety of networking opportunities that they would not have access otherwise.

We’ll be announcing our line-up of Dance Ambassadors for 2017/18 in early November.

Dance Ambassadors 2016-2017

Alice Bagnall

Dance Ambassador - Yorkshire

Alice is currently studying Dance Extended Diploma, Level 3 at Leeds City College and is also part of Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Youth Academy where she has class twice a week.

Alice loves to encourage as many people as possible to get involved with dance, and really wants to become a professional dancer. She is looking forward to becoming a Dance Ambassador and believes it will help her on her journey and open up new opportunities and experiences

Alyssa Lisle

Dance Ambassador - North East

Alyssa was the first Dance Ambassador from the North East and says the experience has been incredibly inspiring. It has driven her to promote and explore dance further through her studies and being able to share this information with those around her.

Alyssa is incredibly passionate about One Dance UK’s ‘Healthier Dancer’ programme and would love to become more involved within the project in the future. Besides this, she believes the advocacy updates that she regularly receives from One Dance UK have are very useful and informative for me, allowing her to consider many different views and opinions different to her own.

Alyssa has adored her time with One Dance UK so far, and feels that she will be able to contribute greatly to the work that One Dance UK promotes as she gains experiences within the professional industry.

Beth Veitch

Dance Ambassador - North East

Beth is currently a student on the BA Hons Dance Professional Practice degree course at Dance City, where she studies ballet and contemporary dance technique and choreography as well as dance management, historical and current choreographers and existing repertoire, anatomy and Pilates and teaching practice.

She has performed in numerous U Dance regional platforms. Beth is a keen choreographer and has created many short pieces with fellow students as part of her University course. As a student representative for her course, Beth is responsible for voicing the concerns and queries of her fellow students as well as informing them of opportunities.

Beth wants to learn more about the dance industry in the UK through understanding more about the work One Dance UK does, and how she can highlight and extend this into dance education in her region. Beth feels particularly passionate about dance in education and as a Dance Ambassador, she wants to extend her knowledge in the area and increase her power of voice and advocacy for this in her local community.

Eleanor Bullen-Hyde

Dance Ambassador - North West

Eleanor graduated from the Centre for Advanced Training in Dance at the Lowry in July 2016, after training there for two years. She has had the opportunity to work with Phoenix Dance Theatre and Wayne McGregor’s Random Dance Company and is now a member of Ludus Youth Dance Company.

She would love to be more involved in the marketing side of dance as she believes it will give her a better idea of the whole process that is involved in organising a show. She is also hoping that being a dance ambassador will broaden her ideas as to what career paths she could potentially take by working with industry professionals.

Eleanor loves to encourage people to get involved in opportunities and she wants others to experience the sense of achievement she gets after training or rehearsing.

Ella Frampton

Dance Ambassador - South East

Ella has completed my degree in Dance and Choreography at the University of Winchester and has since worked at the university as an advocate for the dance course.

Ella sees the opportunity of being a Dance Ambassador as  a way to create a positive impact overall and hopes to use her acquired skills and passion for dance in a positive way.

Ella is very interested and inspired by African based dance and loves that One Dance UK is developing work in the area through DAD.

Ellie Macpherson

Dance Ambassador - South West

Ellie has just finished studying A-level Dance and Performing Arts at Ivybridge College, where she also performed in numerous showcases, musicals, dance shows and productions. For the last 4 years, she has been a student dance teacher at Hartley House Dance Club, assisting in Ballet and Tap classes. She also teaches her own Jazz and Tap classes and organises dance parties; ‘Pink Daisy Dance Parties’, for children aged 3-13 years. Additionally, she plans to study at the Royal Academy of Dance to become a qualified dance teacher.

Ellie wants to be a Dance Ambassador to enhance her skills as a dance educator, to strengthen her public speaking skills and meet other people that share her passion.

Emma Boxall

Dance Ambassador - London

Emma is currently studying a BA Hons in Dance Performance at Middlesex University and works as a Student Learning Assistant (SLA), facilitating and assisting the first year students with their academic studies. She also works within the Media and Performing Arts department at university by supporting creative events, functions and open days.

Emma believes that being a One Dance UK ambassador an incredibly valuable experience and a honour, finding it encouraging to see the enthusiasm that the company demonstrates to ensure dance continues to evolve and grow as an established part of society. She says “in the current battle the dance sector faces, it is reassuring to know that One Dance UK is an umbrella organisation that provides support for the dance infrastructure – assisting people who want to pursue a career in dance by working to deliver and publicise sustainable dance careers.”

Hannah Saunders

Dance Ambassador - South West

Hannah is a member of Exeter Youth Dance Company, and has been involved in projects like Joined Up Dance, a collaborative project between youth companies across Devon and Cornwall. She use to be a Teaching Assistant at Exmouth Community College where she ran beginner Ballet classes for students and taught and created work on the school dance company.

Hannah is about to start her dance course at university and feels that she would benefit from learning more about this side of the process rather than having a main focus on just performing, as she hopes to become a freelance dance artist. She is also extremely interested in widening the experiences of other young dancers and encouraging people to take up as many opportunities as they can, particularly now as the arts are becoming more and more threatened within the education system.

Harry Fulleylove

Dance Ambassador - London

Harry studies a BA Hons in Dance Performance at Middlesex University, and also attends Tap Attack Associate sessions once a month in Birmingham. Within the last year Harry has also been teaching a lot of classes at local dance schools.

Dance has been Harry’s main love, passion and fascination from a very young age. He wishes to promote dance in the widest possible context and give the public a wider view of what is happening in the sector.

Harry is a very keen supporter of males within dance and would really like to get more boys and young men involved with dance. He believes that through organisations like One Dance UK and shows like Strictly Come Dancing and Britain’s Got Talent, the stigma of boys dance in changing positively.

Jaina Modasia

Dance Ambassador - East

Jaina currently trains under the guidance of Sujata Banerjee and has been learning Kathak for 17 years. She has had the privilege to perform in various venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Sadler’s Wells and the English National Opera. Since the age of 16 she has been a dance teaching assistant for Sujata Banerjee’s Dance Company and has recently started teaching some of the classes. Jaina has recently taken part in the BBC Young Dancers, making it to the category finals.

“Dance has always been my passion, I feel I was born to dance and cannot express how much joy it brings to me knowing that this art form can touch people’s souls.”

Jaina wants to absorb as much information about the dance industry as possible and wishes to share her experiences with others to encourage them to pursue and support One Dance UK. She feels that many younger individuals have not yet understood the scope of opportunities available to them and wants help them to develop as dancers and how their passion can equally be their career.

Jennifer Bruce

Dance Ambassador - Scotland

Jennifer started dancing at the age of 5. She attends Kate Doherty School of Dance, Valerie Brown School of Dance, Barrowland Ballet Youth Company, and Scottish Ballet Youth Collective. She was also fortunate enough to be accepted into Scottish Ballet Youth Exchange 15/16.

She was a Dance Ambassador last year and has been increasing communication with her local MPs and strengthening her advocacy skills

Jennifer wants to spread the word about dance and share the hard work One Dance UK does. She also wishes to share the variety of opportunities dance has to offer and raise awareness to the many career options that aren’t just performing.

Jessica Eades

Dance Ambassador - South East

Jessica is currently in second year studying Choreography & Dance at the University of Winchester. Throughout her first year she studied a wide range of practical techniques, alongside histories and contexts of contemporary dance, improvisation and choreographic skills. Jessica is member of the Performing Arts Winchester society, with a particular involvement in the Let’s Dance sub-society. In April of this year she was elected to be the Let’s Dance Tap Teacher for the academic year 2016-17, teaching students from a wide range of courses across the university – some with a lot of dance experience and others complete beginners! In this role she choreographs various numbers for the biannual showcases.

Jessica is excited at the opportunity of being a Dance Ambassador as she is keen to learn as much as possible about the industry. She is particularly interested in the wide variety of work One Dance UK undertakes, and wants to better her knowledge of the field whilst advocating the importance of dance in schools.

Jessica Walker

Dance Ambassador - London

Since being a Dance Ambassador for One Dance UK from December 2015, Jessica has established and built relationships with the Leicester City Council’s Chancellor Piara Sin Clair and the Festival Officer Dawson Smith. Jessica met with Buckinghamshire’s MP Dominic Grieve of the Conservative party to ensure his intellectual, financial and temporal investment in local dance.

From working on One Dance UK’s launch party, Jessica was able to networked and conversed with other attendees. The role of ambassador helps with her professional development and gives her the confidence to discuss pertinent issues within the dance sector with other industry professionals.

Additionally, as a Dance Ambassador Jessica has been public speaking to the students, parents, governors and staff at Beaconsfield High School about the importance of dance in school curriculums. Jessica looks forward to continuing as a Dance Ambassador and advocating the work of One Dance UK.

Kane Mills

Dance Ambassador - Yorkshire

From being a Dance Ambassador last year, Kane gained more assurance with public speaking and increased understanding of how things logistically work with the ability to organise events. Kane particularly grown in confidence with advocating dance, especially for inclusivity.

Over the past year, he really enjoyed promoting the organisation and meeting inspirational people that he hopes to stay life-long friends with.

This year, Kane looks forward to continuing with promoting and advocating One Dance UK’s work. He is especially excited for One Dance UK’s event Launch in 2017, Leeds.

Lauren Day

Dance Ambassador - South East

Lauren is currently part of SG Troop with Stopgap Dance Company where she has performed at U.Dance 2015 at the Roundhouse, G-Live in Guildford and local shows. Lauren is also part of Generation 2 at Rambert Dance Company focusing on contemporary technique and learning repertoire from the professional touring company.

Lauren enjoys parkour and is part of Parkour Dance Youth Academy, training weekly and occasionally training with Parkour Generations. Furthermore, Lauren is part of the youth academy at the Urdang Academy focussing on musical theatre.

Lauren is excited to be a Dance Ambassador for One Dance UK, so she can further develop knowledge within the dance industry. She is passionate about helping others by encouraging more people to become involved with the dance community and share the experiences of dance. Additionally, Lauren is interested in the health, wellbeing and nutrition aspect of dance and feels by being a Dance Ambassador for One Dance UK she can explore this further.

Miriam Prever

Dance Ambassador - West Midlands

Miriam is currently completing a degree in American Studies at University of Leicester and has been dancing since she was seven. Miriam gained GSCE and A Level Dance and has continued her passion for dance at university by being part of the Modern Dance society and cheerleader for the Leicester Panthers. Miriam has also been part of the West Midlands Youth Dance Forum, which allows her to advocate for dance across the region.


This is such an exciting time for dance, especially with the new One Dance UK organisation and Miriam is excited to be a part of this new chapter. Miriam want to be part of the future of dance for everyone and feels can help be part of its success. She wants to encourage as many people to get involved in dance and to create awareness of the work One Dance UK do.

Rachel Barlow

Dance Ambassador - Scotland

Rachel is a dance teacher for Step It Up Dance, teaching classes in a range of school, nursery, and community settings across Edinburgh. She has experience teaching a wide range of ages from 2 years upwards and her classes range from Ballet and Creative Dance to Street Dance/ Hip-Hop.
Additionally, Rachel teaches Dance Anatomy & Injury Prevention and Contextual Studies at Morningside Advanced Training and the MGA Academy in Edinburgh, teaching students on the HND Dance course.

Rachel has achieved a Distinction MSc degree in Dance Science and Education programme from the University of Edinburgh and a First Class BA (Hons) degree in Dance from Manchester Metropolitan University

Being a Dance Ambassador gives Rachel a fantastic opportunity to network and meet new people, and to share experiences, thoughts, and ideas. In particular, Rachel can develop her work and advocate her passion of the healthy dancer. Rachel is particularly avid about encouraging dance in a way that is inspiring, safe, and accessible for everyone, and promoting healthy practice and training as an essential requirement, to ensure dance can be sustained and enjoyed to the full potential of the individual, for as long as possible. One Dance UK allows her to interact with many different groups and individuals, and therefore experience how dance, and dance training and education, are approached in different environments, groups, and opportunities.

Sophia Campbell

Dance Ambassador - South East

Sophia was a Dance Ambassador last year and felt that she was given the chance to hear from key members of the team and why there is such a strong need to advocate dance. She feels it has helped develop her confidence and learnt different approaches to advocating dance. Sophia says “My role as an Ambassador has also reaffirmed my passion for dance and that I really do feel so strongly that young people should not be denied these experiences.” Sophie says she has been inspired by the success of other Dance Ambassadors and would like to achieve similar success for the organisation.

Sophie Hack

Dance Ambassador - East Midlands

Sophie is in her final year of her BA (Hons) Dance degree at the University of Lincoln. During her time at university she been a dance representative at the university’s Open Days, promoting dance and assisting during audition days. Sophie is also a member of the University Dance Society and has successfully auditioned to be one of the society’s Tap dance teachers for this academic year.

Being a Dance Ambassador will be great outlet for Sophie’s enthusiasm and dance knowledge. She has enjoyed helping to run and organise dance events at university and being a Dance Ambassador will help her develop more ‘event day’ skills.

Sophie hopes to have a future career in dance industry and is excited to gain new skills and broaden knowledge of dance across the UK. She is also enthusiastic to promote One Dance UK amongst her friends, peers, community and others that she meets during various dance related activities.

Theia Maldoom

Dance Ambassador - London

Theia is in her first year at London Contemporary Dance School on their three year BA Hons degree course. Previously, Theia attended the BRIT School for performing arts and technology where she studied dance alongside GCSEs and A levels for four years.  During this time at BRIT, Theia was exposed to many aspects of the dance industry from performance, choreography to project management and community arts practice.

Being a Dance Ambassador is an invaluable opportunity for Theia to gain an insight into how the organisation is ran and managed.

Theia is interested in encouraging people to participate in and enjoy dance, as she believes dance is for all and everyone should have equal opportunities to take part.  Theia is also keen to gain experience in events management, fundraising, marketing and the education of dancers on health to have a complete understanding of the industry.

The ethos of the organisation to unite the dance industry inspires her, and Theia takes great pride supporting and promoting the work of One Dance UK.