Winner of One Dance UK Rising Star Dance Teaching Award 2017 speaks about her award

15 Jun 2018

Anya Zhavoronkova, photo Brian Slater

One Dance UK’s Dance Teaching Awards recognise high quality dance education and dance opportunities for children and young people across the UK. Last year’s Rising Star Award was conferred to bbodance Registered Teacher and Teaching Qualifications alumna, Anya Zhavoronkova, the current director of Skylark School of Dance in Bromley, Kent.

According to Anya, the award has really helped her school develop:

It was an amazing honour to receive One Dance UK’s Rising Star accolade. The recognition was fantastic. We received so many messages of congratulations, many from new acquaintances within our performing arts community that didn’t know Skylark School of Dance was on their doorstep. Of course we also had many new expressions of interest for trial classes at the school, which is good for our continued success and broadening participation in dance. We’ve been able to expand the range of classes we offer to cater for these new audiences.

I also think it empowered our teaching team. We’ve taken bold steps since the win: we’ve danced in international events, worked with renowned dance companies and stepped up our local outreach. We’re even hosting a dance gala at the Churchill National Theatre this summer, where our students will share the stage with several professional guests. These are things I don’t think we’d have had the confidence to pursue before the award.

Overall, the One Dance UK award has really helped us, but it’s something that only happened because of nominations from our amazing students, their families and friends of the school. I know that there are so many talented dance teachers out there, who pour their heart and soul into the vocation. I can only encourage others to acknowledge this, put forward nominations and help these teachers achieve the recognition they richly deserve. I have no idea who nominated me, but it still gives me a thrill!

If you know an amazing dance teacher, nominate them for the prestigious Rising Star Teaching Award today! See the full list of One Dance UK Awards here.

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