Wellbeing for teachers

By Emma Morgan


Tip #1
Keeping a happiness jar

Each day write down one moment (or multiple moments) which made you smile, feel inspired, or laugh on a small piece of paper (these could be dance-specific or general). Then store it in the happiness jar. Anytime where you may have a ‘wobble’ or an instance of struggle, pour out your ‘happiness moments’ from the jar, and look through these to help you feel more motivated.


 Tip #2

Being kind and compassionate to yourself (Neff, 2003) and kind and compassionate to others can improve your overall happiness, reduce stress, and enhance motivation. Try a 30 days of kindness challenge.


Tip #3

At the end of your dance class choose a lively, feel good song (or get your students to decide one from a selection of songs) and have your students dance freestyle to the music track. This can be a brilliant opportunity for students to shake out their worries, to let go and have some fun, and to connect as a group of dancers. You can join in on this one with students too!


Tip #4
‘Done’ lists are just as important as ‘to do’ lists

Create a ‘done’ list alongside your ‘to do’ list. Celebrate your everyday successes and wins; champion you!