We are sad to announce the passing of John Travis, former CEO of bbodance

6 Feb 2020

We are sad to announce the passing of former bbodance CEO, John Travis, after a long illness.

John was the CEO of bbodance for over 20 years. He was extremely passionate about dance and the organisation, at one stage running it virtually single-handedly. His commitment touched the lives of a great many people. The staff at bbodance are only too well aware how upset many of you will be and the sense of loss you will feel.

“Shortly before his death I spoke to John and was able to express how much the membership and staff appreciated him and the work he undertook on behalf of the organisation. I could tell he was extremely appreciative of the sentiment, it was a truly poignant moment. I am grateful that I had this opportunity to speak to him on behalf of us all,” stated bbodance CEO, Robin Bloor.

If you wish to pay your respects, please contact bbodance who are in touch with John’s close family, who will advise them about opportunities to do so.

John will be greatly missed by all at bbodance.