Volunteer post

19 Oct 2020

The Dance, Learning and Participation Network Group (previously Dance Educators Group) have an opportunity for dance professionals and organisations who are passionate about equality, inclusivity and participation in dance.

Do you lead dance programmes in learning, participation and engagement? Are you passionate about dance and the cultural sector? Do you want to support the development of further CPD, the creation of platforms for networking opportunities and mentoring schemes for the dance sector? Then becoming a Regional Network Representative is for you!

The Dance, Learning and Participation Network Group are delighted to offer this opportunity to four regional leads as part of our online network programme. These four Regional Network Representatives will support our vision in creating a community among dance learning and participation professionals across the UK. We aim to develop greater resilience through building a cohesive network, to help us work together better. We hope to achieve this by offering opportunities such as talks with inspiring guest speakers and online training.

We are looking for representatives from outside of London and across the UK to host and provide a one-off event for dance professionals which offers ways to connect and collaborate with a supportive network, training opportunities and inspiring content.

Your voluntary role would include the following responsibilities:

  • Provide one online network event based on one of the themes as outlined on the One Dance UK website
  • Provide support and guidance to Dance, Learning and Participation Network members pre and post event
  • Collaborate with professionals and networks to support and develop the reach of the event to targeted groups or individuals
  • Provide insight from the industry’s best practice for the chosen focus
  • Set up an event in advance for the academic year and advertise via the One Dance UK website


Before applying, please carefully read the mission statement values, which includes all relevant details about the network, to make sure you will be able to commit to the programme if your application is successful.

If you are interested in applying, please fill in this online form.

The deadline for applications is 14th December 2020 at 12pm.