Urdang Academy Supports Students through the COVID-19 Crisis

31 Mar 2020

Since closing its building to students due to the current COVID-19 crisis, The Urdang Academy has taken steps to offer support to their students and minimize disruption to their learning as much as possible.

Courses are now being delivered online and a timetable of virtual classes is being implemented for all students. Pre-recorded classes for ballet, jazz, tap, warm-up, street and Pilates are also being made available to students through the online student hub.

Solange Urdang, CEO Urdang Academy remarks, “We have taken step to do what we can to minimise the disruption to our student’s learning. It is heartening to see how quickly our students have adapted to this new way of working and wonderful to see so many positive, appreciative comments. It is incredible to see how well the whole industry is pulling together to support each other in this challenging time”

Urdang are also taking steps to look after their student’s wellbeing. Brenda Shankey, the Academy’s Pastoral Care manager is running live guided meditation sessions daily through the Urdang’s Instagram account and speaking to students daily via hangout for those needing extra support.

Brenda comments, “In this challenging time, things are changing daily and this can lead to additional stress and anxiety for our students. Our daily 20-minute meditation sessions are proving popular with students, they offer hope and positivity and act as a good mood booster for everyone who takes part”

In addition, the Academy’s’ Co-Principals Lynsey McDougall and Rob Archibald are running weekly Q&A sessions to keep in touch with the students on Instagram. The regular sessions are a great way to listen to students’ concerns, answer any questions that they have and address any issues or worries that are emerging.

Lynsey McDougall, Co-Principal explains, “Even though the building is closed we want to reassure our students that we are all here to support them through this challenging time. Setting up a regular Q&A is a great way to check in with everyone and let them know we are here for them”

The Academy is also doing everything they can to support the final year students and plans are in place to find an alternative to the traditional end of year Graduate Showcase and to help support graduates transition easily into work.