U.Dance on Screen




Watch this space for application details for U.Dance on Screen 2019. The selected films will form part of U.Dance 2019, taking place at Southbank Centre, London. Application callouts will take place in Spring 2019.

Following a callout, One Dance UK selected eight diverse films, showcasing young dancers and/or filmmakers  for U.Dance on Screen 2018.

Watch the selected films of U.Dance on Screen 2018

U.Dance on Screen is a One Dance UK initiative delivered and produced for U.Dance 2018 in partnership with DanceEast.


Director and Choreographer: Billie Williams
Producer: Katherine Whetton
Cinematographer: Sugini Nageswaran
Organisations: University for the Creative Arts (Farnham)
Dancer: Grace Colebrook

Avoidance is an experimental contemporary dance video exploring phobias and representing the true fear behind them. The journey explores arachnophobia, claustrophobia and astraphobia.

The dancer embodies the frightening aspects of each of these phobias and the fearful reaction experienced by sufferers. The film aims to show vulnerability so that audiences understand what it is like suffer from these phobias.


Bridge of Stories and Party

Director: Sima Gonsai
Choreographer: Amayra Fuller
Producer: Sima Gonsai in Association with Birmingham Town Hall and Symphony Hall (THSH)
Organisations: Ace Dance and Music and THSH
Dancers: Yanique Chong, Kianne Ferguson, Brianne Hesson Taylor, Daisha Irving, Leila Rodriguez Harrison, Imani St Juste Walker

Unlock your stories and join the party through a maze of discovery and dancing. These two 60 second films incorporate a five day screen dance lab led by director Sima Gonsai in association with professional music, spoken word and dance artists during October half term, 2016.



Director: Sima Gonsai
Choreographer: Chitraleka Bolar
Producer: Sima Gonsai
Organisations: Mac Birmingham
Dancers: Anaya Bolar and Ria Manjot

A coming of age dance film featuring BBC4 Young Dancer contestant Anaya Bolar and two emerging artists.



Director and Producer: Jordan Sheard
Choreographer: Jordan Sheard and Pattarapong Chomchan
Dancer: Pattarapong Chomchan

In 1946, Maya Deren released her short film A Study in Choreography for Camera. She is considered now to be a pioneer in the emergence of dance film, by being the first to experiment with the two art forms. After looking into the work of other directors inspired by her film, we wanted to see how we could recreate their techniques of shooting and editing, to enhance our choreography. By bringing together the discontinuities between space and time through editing, along with exploration into new ways to move the camera with the dancer, we produced Maya.


Nations Saviour

Director and Producer: Jack Lawrenson-Jones
Dancer and Choreographer: Kadus Smith
Organisations: Murmur Collective

This film is a short piece pushing the awareness of mental health issues through the mediums of dance and poetry. Kadus Smith is a talented dancer with a positive vision for the future, and Jack Lawrenson-Jones helped realise his ideas by directing the film.


New Faith: Look the Other Way

Director: Rosie Baldwin
Dancer and Choreographer: Andrew Self

Andrew was invited to choreograph this dance piece by Brighton band The New Faith. His performance is featured in the music video for Look the Other Way.


Unspoken Spoken (an excerpt)

Film Director: Ross MacGibbon
Director and Choreographer: Fin Walker
Executive Producer: Helen Spencer
Producer: Janie Valentine
Organisations: Candoco Dance Company and The Space
Dancer: Jessica Dowdeswell

Fin Walker’s Unspoken Spoken for Candoco Dance Company exposes the potential that exists when we dare to challenge the rules. In this excerpt, we encounter Alice danced by 14-year-old Jessica Dowdeswell. Alice has her own rules to question, to surrender to, to fight against. She is subjected to hierarchical rules, which she feels inhibit her expression and her ability to follow her own voice. Her fear holds her back from openly questioning these ‘structures’. The film asks us to look deeper, to explore our own boundaries. What changes if we face up to what is holding us back?


Directors, Choreographers and Dancers: Lauren Bingley, Hannah Davidson. Krystle Priestley, Luke Rainford, Ashley Taylor
Producer: Sam Holgate-Davey on behalf of Inspire Youth Arts
Organisations: Inspire Youth Arts, JME Dance Company, Urban Projections, Jimmy Power

Labyrinth is an exploration of worlds, where analogue and digital elements interweave to create a beautifully futuristic journey. In a world where digital technology is woven into the everyday, and where the virtual is increasingly becoming reality, Labyrinth uncovers a future where the human body and technology exist in harmony.

Devised and performed by the Young Creatives this innovative performance film fuses together street dance, commissioned experimental music, and digital art and technology. The piece was developed organically during a one week intensive and the Young Creatives led the project with Music Producer Jimmy Power, Projection Artist Bec Smith, & Choreographer Jasmine Eccles.