Twenty-one choreographers have been selected for One Dance UK’s Choreographers Observership Programme 2017-2018

20 Jun 2017

One Dance UK today releases the names of twenty-one choreographers who have been selected to take part in One Dance UK’s Choreographers Observership Programme 2017-18.

Those selected will have the unique opportunity of observing their chosen choreographer at work in a variety of settings and at different stages of the creative process. The programme is generously funded by Arts Council England and One Dance UK.


The choreographers selected to take part this year are:

  1. Adrian Look from London
  2. Anna-Lise Hearn from London
  3. Arunima Kumar from London
  4. Georgia Tegou from London
  5. Hanna Wroblewski from London
  6. Holly Noble from London
  7. Jennifer Fletcher from London
  8. Johnny Autin form Birmingham
  9. Konstantina Skalionta from London
  10. Kyriaki Nasioula from London
  11. Lucie Lee from Liversedge
  12. Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi from London
  13. Monika Smekot from Glasgow
  14. Oliver Scott from Coventry
  15. Rachael Nanyonjo from London
  16. Sandrine Monin from Leeds
  17. Simona Scotto from London
  18. Sonia Sabri from Birmingham
  19. Tamsin Fitzgerald from Hereford
  20. Yukiko Masui from London
  21. Rosie Kay from Birmingham

The Choreographers Observership Programme was created in response to demand from choreographers seeking opportunities to watch other artists at work, either as a way to open up new areas of work, or to explore and learn from another artist’s creative practice.

The programme provides choreographers with the opportunity to observe a choreographer of their choice in a variety of creative contexts (over two sessions) between June 2017 and January 2018. The choreographer being observed receives a small honorarium for their time.

The aim of the Choreographers Observership Programme is to promote peer-to-peer learning and knowledge exchange; to broker and build relationships between choreographers working in diverse contexts within the performing arts and the wider creative industries, (from opera to commercials, from computer games to ballet, from contemporary to music videos); and to give choreographers at all stages of their careers the chance to develop their craft by building a deeper understanding of different working processes and environments available to them.

Kate Flatt, choreographer and Movement Director, says:

The Choreographers Observership Programme is a unique and vital opportunity. The selected choreographers will be able to witness at close quarters the skills and creativity of an established professional at work”