Top Ten Dance tips for entering the industry during/post lockdown for new graduates

Jamie Neale is a transformative, dynamic movement director and choreographer of Emmy-nominated and other award-winning works. He trained at Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance. Jamie works across multi-entertainment platforms of Film, TV, Fashion, Music & Commercials. At the beginning of Jamie’s creative journey, he was selected to be part of One Dance UK’s Young Creatives, directed and mentored by Wayne McGregor at the Royal Opera House.  He gives his top Ten Dance tips for entering the industry during/post lockdown for new graduates:


  • Be proactive about what you want to learn and where from. It’s important to know that knowledge is key in any industry. Treat yourself like a business, find the information you require to move forward in your position. Ask questions -people do have time to answer when they know there is honesty in the question.


  • Even though you trained in the dance art form, there are skills within your training that allow you to open other doors. For instance, if you’re interested in lighting or being creative and are also good at design, you can create/consult for other brands and businesses.


  • People have more time now and this industry, like all industries, is made up of relationships. Seek out your collaborators and call them on Zoom, ask for coffee, get to know their interests – and see if there’s any mutual grounding for future projects.


  • There are now many online teaching platforms. It’s a chance to listen to and get taught by people who wouldn’t normally be accessible to you, for example, someone teaching in another country.


  • Every successful business entrepreneur, choreographer, creative, etc. has been successful because they take a risk and expose their emotional creativity to the outside world. Don’t be afraid to explore new avenues. Failure can be a good thing. How can you collaborate with others who are like-minded? What are people not creating that you can do?


  • Read books that stimulate your mind – not just on the subject you studied but in other areas. It’s important to know people want to work with people, not bodies. Be able to speak about other social/cultural things that are happening at the moment. A quote I live by is “boring people make boring work.”


  • New businesses are emerging from this situation. Digital is the way forward. Make sure you are socially connected to people on many platforms to spread your message about why you do what do you. Keeping a digital footprint is key in any business – and yes, you are a business even though you are an artist. Be creative with how you connect with people digitally even if they can’t be with you. Check out Deadline, Promo News, and other arts-related digital platforms to see how others are connecting and creating.


  • Be outside the box. There used to be a time when we didn’t have social media and everything was sent on tapes or paper. How can you make an imprint on someone’s mind when you can’t meet them? If you aren’t tech-savvy, join forces with others to create a brand or an image, something that is memorable and stands out, whilst still staying true to yourself.


  • Be confident. Have confidence and persistence in your pursuit to be great. It wasn’t easy before lockdown and it’s not going to get easier after lockdown. Every route will be difficult but that’s the fun of it – deciding and finding your own route of how to pursue your goals and aspirations.


  • Making sure all your information/content is authentic and reflects you honestly. Is your Spotlight up to date? Do you have a website, portfolio shots, moving image content, photography? All these things you will certainly need now moving into the digital age of art.


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