Top Tips from Tom Hobden

Hi I’m Tom Hobden and I have been a dancer, choreographer, and all-round mover and shaker in the dance world for over 18 years. I started my dance training a bit too late and never did understand good toes or naughty ones. Some might say this could have been the swift end to my dance career, instead, I turned what I ‘didn’t know’ about dance into my secret weapon. I became a leader in making people see the dancer in themselves, a champion of uncomplicating and democratising dance and the nation’s cheerleader of dad dancing, twirling free spirits and all-round booty shakers. It is with this energy, enthusiasm and passion to help others see that dance belongs to everyone, that led me to create UNIT and fulfil my mission to see everybody dancing every day. You can find out more about the company at We are Unit as well as check out my growing YouTube Channel for ideas, inspiration and conversations around all things teaching, community practice and looking after yourself as a dancer. In the classic YouTube style of my films my top three tips for surviving the next terms dance classes are:

1, Remember to keep ideas playful and fun as this will bring the best out in people and allow their creativity to flourish. Contemporary work certainly has a tendency to be overly serious and this might not be the tone we want to set at the time.

2, If working with any digital tools (zoom, YouTube) in your teaching practice remember to leave plenty of time. Everything takes longer, including set up, pack down, planning and even content and the communication methods needed to make sure everyone is happy is tough and takes time.

3, Whatever you’re delivering at this moment will be great! Learning in an uncertain environment is hard and shifting societal ideologies will certainly have l an impact on your teaching, so try to be kind to yourself and your students and know that a few lessons with a solid tried and tested plan will be enough without whizzy new techno ideas.

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