The importance of dance in secondary education

We asked the U.Dance 2019 representatives for the West Midlands, Our Lady & St. Chad Catholic Academy, to summarise why dance is important to them at school. Ask your students to write why dance is important to them at school. They can create posters, quotes or picture quotes. Send them in to us at to help to advocate for dance education together.

‘Dance builds confidence and enables children to access things that maths and English can’t. It is a huge industry and makes you feel like you belong.’


‘Dance is very important in schools because it allows us to inspire and motivate others to come of their shell and express themselves through movement, emotion and music. It also brings everyone together as we are all equal and sharing the same ambition and dream.’


‘Dance is important to my school because everybody gets a chance to express themselves, improves their confidence and be proud of who they are and what they can do.’


‘Dance is very important to me because it allows me to express myself using actions and emotion.’


‘I think that dance should stay in schools because it gives students a chance to be free and express themselves.’


‘To express who you are, to show your different talents, and to be unique. Showing what you’re good at, for no-one to judge.’


‘To show people who you really are. Dance can also tell a story and have a purpose. It lets you be free and have fun.’


Thank you Our Lady & St Chad Academy. We will look forward to seeing you at U.Dance.

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