The Department for Education’s Foundations for Building Character

27 Feb 2019

We are heartened by Education Secretary Damian Hinds’ recent announcement, setting out his 5 Foundations for Building Character. These are five areas of activity that the Department for Education (DfE) believe to be vital for nurturing resilience and confidence in young people – and are as important as academic achievement. We are delighted that dance (along with the wider creative and performing arts) has been recognised publicly by the DfE as a positive and valuable activity which helps children and young people to develop the skills and experiences necessary to live well-rounded and fulfilling lives.

The five foundations set out by Mr. Hinds are:

  • Sport (including other physical and recreational activity).
  • Creativity
  • Performing
  • Volunteering and Membership
  • The world of work

Here at One Dance UK we believe vehemently in the power of dance to transform and enhance the lives of children and young people. We believe that access to a quality dance education should be the entitlement of all children in the UK and advocate widely on this basis.

We are pleased to hear that the DfE pledges to work with schools and external organisations, including membership bodies and charities, to work towards ensuring that all children have access to the activities within each foundation. As a sector support organisation, and the Subject Association for Dance, One Dance UK look forward to playing a significant role in the DfE’s development of this strategy.