Ten Reasons to Nominate for the One Dance UK Awards 2019

Ten reasons to nominate for the One Dance UK Awards

We are excited to announce that nominations are now open for the One Dance UK Awards 2019!

Now is your chance to make sure that the people who you feel are making a difference to the dance sector can get the recognition that they deserve.

We have made our nominations process as simple as possible. You can make as many nominations for as many categories as you wish and it should only take a few minutes to do each one.

Nominations are open from International Dance Day right up to the end of July. Once nominations have closed they will all be reviewed by an independent panel of judges who will come up with a shortlist and the final awardee.  Since there is such a wide range of categories, a judging panel will be specifically appointed for each category,  in order to ensure that the most objective sector knowledge and insights will feed into the judging process.

It’s really easy to nominate someone for the One Dance UK Awards 2019.  Here are 10 reasons why you should get nominating…

1. Because they’re worth it

It’s the hard work and commitment of the people working in dance that make it such a vibrant and successful sector to be part of.

2. It’s good to sing about the unsung heroes

Very often it’s the people working behind the scenes, rather than those enjoying the spotlight on stage that lay the foundations for others to benefit from their efforts. These awards are designed to recognise the sector professionals and practitioners and the highly important work that they do for dance.

3. It starts with you!

The nominations are made for the dance sector from the dance sector. We need to hear from you about who you think deserves to be celebrated.

4. You’ve got to be in it to win it (sort of)

Strictly speaking the awards are a celebration and not a competition. However the only way to make sure the right people will be put in front of our judging panel is to put a nomination forward. Our judges can only review the nominations that are submitted to us. So don’t assume someone else will put a nomination in for a person you think should be recognised – it’s down to you to do it.

5. It’s motivational

Being nominated for an award is a huge honour and being recognised can really boost professional confidence and self-esteem. You can nominate someone at any stage of a career, whether they are just starting out, in the mid-stage of their career or approaching retirement. The One Dance UK Awards are designed to celebrate anyone at any level.

6. It’s great to see recognition across all areas of dance 

Our awards are aimed at all genres of dance and at practitioners working within dance across all disciplines. And from time to time we may shine a spotlight on s specific dance genre or profession within dance to ensure it gets the correct focus and recognition.

7. Let them shine

Collectively, our awardees provide a shining example of great work and excellence in the dance sector, from health practitioners, dance scientists, educators, community dance leaders, senior leaders, film makers and communications.  Make sure the people who inspire you are in the mix.

8. It’s free to nominate

Some awards events can charge a fortune for each nomination to be submitted. It’s free to nominate for the One Dance UK Awards, so what are you waiting for?  Now is the time to put a nomination in for your dance sector champion(s).

9. And there are no hidden extras

Our shortlisted nominees will be invited to come along to our awards event (for free).

10. It’s simple

Its simple. Just follow the link below to make your nominations.