Tavaziva’s BOY’S KHAYA touring the UK this Autumn

21 Sep 2021

Image © Foteini Christofilopoulou

Powerfully moving and personal, BOY’S KHAYA is the latest work and account of Bawren Tavaziva’s early life in Zimbabwe told through a mesmerising combination of Contemporary, Ballet and African dance, with a music and spoken-word soundtrack.

Artistic Director Bawren Tavaziva has created a deeply relevant new work that questions who we are today in this divided world.

Performed by five outstanding Dancers, post-colonialism and injustice create a rich source of untold truths in BOY’S KHAYA, making this extraordinary thought-provoking work a comment on what it is to be human.

BOY’S KHAYA, or ‘servants house’, is a colonial legacy still existing today in Zimbabwe. It refers to living quarters used for Black servants, in stark contrast to the luxurious suburban dwellings of the white families. The work draws evocative memories for Bawren who grew up in one and speaks passionately, through dance, about the fragility of human beings, sparking intense emotions about Bawren’s early life in the 70’s and 80’s under Mugabe’s rule.

I decided to take my experience and to see how I could develop it for the stage and to reflect the world we’re living in today…I grew up within the apartheid regime and have realised that it is not just in southern Africa, Zimbabwe, it’s all over the world…The work itself is really focused on that and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.” – Bawren Tavaziva

Tavaziva addresses inequalities and oppression in our society through its productions, talks and Learning and Participation projects. The Company encourages people from all walks of life to find their talent.

Tavaziva, established in 2004 is renowned for it’s beautiful and dynamic performances drawn from a hybrid of contemporary, ballet and African dance techniques. Bawren Tavaziva has produced over 15 full length works, credits include Izindava, Africarmen, Tavaziva Ten, Greed, Sensual Africa, Double Take, Wild Dog, Heart of Darkness, Chatsva, Bophelo, and Soul Inspired.

The choreography, originality and dynamism of BOY’S KHAYA is extraordinary, I believe this is going to be a Bawren Tavaziva masterpiece,” said Tavaziva’s Executive Director & Producer Beth Cinamon, who has produced the last five shows.

With a powerful original narrated soundtrack and music by Bawren Tavaziva, the production is written and choreographed by Bawren Tavaziva, Rehearsal Director Richard Pitt, Lighting Design by Sherry Coenen, Costume Design by Ben Voorhaar & Sabrina Zyla of Karisma and Produced by Beth Cinamon.