Tango at Paddington Station as part of 5th UK Tango Festival

23 Mar 2018

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The 5th UK Tango Festival and Championship is taking place in London on 6 – 8 April 2018: a whole weekend of discovering, learning and dancing Argentine Tango with top class international teachers and DJs.

The weekend presents a unique opportunity to take part to the official Preliminaries Tango Buenos Aires World Cup, as well as a full programme of workshops, special performances and social dancing with world- renowned artists hosted in Central London, at the Porchester Hall.

The UK branch of the Tango Buenos Aires Festival and Dance World Cup is delighted to present the 5th UK edition of the Argentine Tango Festival and Championship Preliminaries. This special event includes the World Cup Preliminaries for the UK and 16 European countries and a huge programme of performances and workshops with top class international artists from the tango heritage.

This year’s edition includes 25 hours of social dancing, 14 workshops and one after-party to keep dancing until the early hours of the weekend. For the first time ever, there will be Tango dancing inside Paddington station. Contestants are competing for a chance to pass the preliminaries and participate to the World Cup in Buenos Aires, the world’s biggest tango initiative which attracts half a million dancers and aficionados each year from far and wide.

The Festivalcelebrating Argentine tango

Declared intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 2009, tango culture and dance is celebrated during the Festival. The wide programme is a great opportunity to encourage and introduce tango to a large new audience. The Festival includes performances and workshops led by world-renowned artists from the tango heritage, performances from London best tango schools, social dancing events with the best Argentine and international DJ’s. There will be also Argentine products and gastronomy for a cultural full immersion.

The Festival takes place in Bayswater at the Porchester Hall on Friday and Saturday until 2:30am; and on Sunday until 1:30 am. In line with the tradition in Buenos Aires of dancing until the early hours of the day, there will be also one after party. This will be held inside Paddington station from 3:00 am to 6:00 am on Saturday 7 April. For the first time ever, there will Tango dancing inside Paddington station.

For workshop programmes and booking, social dancing, and performances, visit the UK Tango Festival website. 

Tango Buenos Aires World Cup PreliminariesFrom London to Buenos Aires

The competition includes two categories – salon tango and stage tango – and will consist of three stages – the qualifying round, the semi-finals and the finals. With a set of criteria for each category, such as the couple’s musicality and connection, musical interpretation, elegant walking style or the preservation of the tango essence, the judges will decide who from the around 30 couples registered (one per category) will compete in the World Cup Semi-finals in Buenos Aires in August 2018.

The competition takes place in Porchester Hall, starting on Friday 6 April from 6pm – 8.30pm for the qualifications followed by the semi-finals on Saturday, 6pm – 8pm. Finals will be on the last day of the event, Sunday 8 April from 6pm – 8pm.

Judges, who are also teaching the workshops, are Josefina Bermúdez Avila and Fabián Peralta; Noelia Hurtado and Carlos Espinoza; Cecilia Berra and Horacio Godoy and Competitor’s coaches Stefania Colina and Juan Martin Carrara. They are world renowned artists from the tango heritage.

Previous Artistic Director Gustavo Mozzi, from Buenos Aires, comments:

“Tango is at a time of growth, evolution and expansion, and the more the festival is in tune with the booming, effervescent scene, the more it turns into a live, provocative space.”

The UK branch of the Tango Buenos Aires Festival and Dance World Cup is thrilled at the approaching of the 5th edition of the Festival and Preliminaries in London, a perfect city to host the event and inspire the passion that tango brings.