Taira Foo releases ‘Pocket Guide for Dancers’ Copy

24 Apr 2020

Image: Canva

One Dance UK member Tair Foo has announced the release of her first book, Pocket Guide for Dancers.

Pocket Guide for Dancers, an eBook and printed book by UK dancer and choreographer, Taira Foo, will be launched in a few weeks to come. Using her experience in the industry of almost two decades, Foo delves into all the subjects she wishes someone had guided her on when she started out in the dance industry as a teenager.

From building one’s image in an era where so much is digital, Pocket Guide for Dancers takes its readers, on a journey that covers online marketing; how to make connections; preparing for auditions; to handling rejection, in a way that is beneficial to one’s health and self-esteem.

A lot of research went into the pocket guide, Foo’s first book, as she wanted to put as much information at the tips of each dancer.

Foo comments:

“Whilst dance is an exciting career that brings joy to its diverse audiences, it is not an industry where every dancer’s career trajectory is clearly outlined like other careers such as medicine, law, and so on. There aren’t many guides for our industry out there. My career journey taught me so much, which allowed me to stress less about the direction of my career, and I wanted to share that knowledge with other dancers. The resources that I never knew existed, I have included as much as possible in this guide.”

Containing a number of links for resources through each chapter and further reading material at the end, the guide’s eleven chapters are written in a simple and easy to understand way. Foo also brings personal experiences into the guide.

To find out more, visit Foo’s website.