Swindon Dance Online Platform Launch

22 Jan 2021

Richard Chappell Dance, Current Comissions Artist at Swindon Dance. Photographer: Dan Martin

The Wilshire based dance organisation has launched a new space online. The platform features artists from professional programmes past and present. The idea is to connect audiences with professional artists creating work. You can explore the artists Swindon Dance are currently working with, takes classes, and gain behind the scenes access.

To visit the new Online Platform click here.

The digital space will continue to grow throughout the year as new footage is shared. Now, more about the platform and what you can do…


Meet the Artists

Over the past three years, Swindon Dance are proud to have supported over 33 professionals. The platform provides a new way to support these dancers and profile their work. We want to share and celebrate their works with you. Get familiar with all artists that are part of; Young Professionals, Associates and Commissions Programmes.



This is the place where you will find new films and footage. You can explore;

This part of the platform will grow the most. Regular updates will happen on these pages with new footage for you to enjoy. Currently, you can follow the Yoga4Dancers series on the classes page at your leisure.

Behind The Scenes gives you access to artists’ way of working. Have you ever wondered what the creative process in the studio looks like? Want to know more about how artists research and develop work? Visit the behind the scenes area for interviews and studio footage.


This is the start of our digital journey and we hope you enjoy travelling the path with us.” Swindon Dance

Thoams Page- Aporia. Photographer: Jazzula Donoghue