How to survive as a dance artist…

13 Oct 2016


Costume design and photography by Giulia Pecorari

Getting Out of the Box – How to Survive as a Dance Artist…

This autumn Karla Shacklock Company is holding 5 free and accessible Out of the Box events across the country. The events are an opportunity for artists, venues, producers, programmers and funders to have authentic conversations, to play with thinking in new ways and to consider how we can work together in order to survive and thrive.

Each event will include Karla and a changing group of dance legends (ranging from Liz Aggiss, Theo Clinkard, Charlotte Vincent, Wendy Houston, Ben Duke, Laila Diallo, Gary Clarke, Jean Abreu and many more) sharing their OOTB stories, and time and space for dance artists to think about their own journey. Topics might include: touring, funding, health and wellbeing, networking, parenthood, and generally how to keep going when it starts to feel tough.


OOTB Bournemouth – Pavilion Dance South West – 10th October – booking:

OOTB Yorkshire – Barnsley Civic – 15th October – booking:

OOTB Brighton – South East Dance – 27th October – booking:

OOTB Bristol – Trinity Centre – 2nd November – booking:

OOTB Nottingham – Dance4 – 10th November – booking:


OOTB is a Karla Shacklock Company project, supported by Arts Council England, Theatre Bristol, Bath Dance, Dance Village, Bristol City Council, Trinity Centre, Yorkshire Dance, Pavilion Dance South West, Dance4, South East Dance, Barnsley Civic.