Summer Term 2021 – Back to School! 

14 Apr 2021

We have some exciting new projects from our Children and Young people’s team to share with you…

U.Dance 2019. Image credit: Brian Slater Photography.

Dance in Education Survey 

Dance is a unique and exciting curriculum subject that blends creativity with physical activity. It offers enriching experiences and builds skills that benefit pupils during their education and in their adult life. As the sector support organisation and the Subject Association for dance in schools, One Dance UK strongly believes that access to high quality dance education is an entitlement for all children and young people.  

Despite the heroic efforts and creative responses of dance teachers to sustain delivery of high-quality dance in school and college settings, there is no doubt that dance education has faced enormous challenges, with shifting educational priorities over recent years and now with the impact of the Covid pandemic. 

One Dance UK wishes to gather a large-scale picture of dance in education in the UK, including the many challenges, and use this information to strengthen our advocacy for the value of dance in schools and colleges. 

If you teach dance in school or college settings then please take part. We know how hard dance teachers are working and your insight is hugely important to us so that we can strengthen our support!  

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and as a thank you for your time you will be entered into our random draw to win one of three prizes: 

– £50 Amazon voucher
– 1 year teacher membership to One Dance UK
– 3 month teacher membership to One Dance UK 

Let’s advocate for dance education together…for together we are stronger. 

Survey closes on Monday 24 May. T&Cs apply.

National Youth Dance Company MADHEAD resource 

We are excited to share an exclusive resource for our dance teacher members, exploring the National Youth Dance Company’s celebrated piece MADHEAD choreographed by BotisSeva! This ‘ready-to-go’ 6-lesson Scheme of Learning uses the engaging piece MADHEAD as an inspiration for students to develop and create their own movement material - including responding to creative tasks that are set and explained by Botis himself. The PowerPoints contain filmed interviews, MADHEAD clips and phrases of repertoire that are comprehensively broken down, including a warmup led by Botis and his team delivered in real time. The scheme of work can be adapted for both KS3 and KS4 BTEC Tech Award and RSL Level 2 CAPA qualification.  

Please note this scheme has been written with physical distancing in mind but it can be adapted to include contact work when your centre agrees it is safe to do so in line with government guidance. It can also be adapted for remote learning if needed. 

We’d love to hear your feedback for this resource, please email

Why Study Dance at School or College? 

Dance is a unique, exciting and engaging curriculum subject area which brings a host of physical and mental health benefits as well as opportunities for young people to develop their creativity. As an examination subject, dance is rigorous and challenging, providing numerous employability and life skills.  

One Dance UK is delighted to release this free and informative resource which highlights the many benefits of studying dance. Suitable for sharing with students, parents/carers, careers advisors, SLT and other stakeholders, this resource will support you to advocate for the importance of dance in your school or college. Let’s help everyone to learn about the power of dance for young people!