Street dance for all

UDOIT Dance Federation, UK national charity set up in 2014 by the world’s largest street dance events company United Dance Organisation (UDO). UDOIT aim To inspire, engage and empower children and young people, particularly females, with a prime focus on those in disadvantaged situations and who are currently inactive, to feel confident, valued and part of their community through street dance.

In their work to date UDOIT have been harnessing and championing the uniqueness that street dance has in focusing on giving young people the opportunity to take part in and lead, sport/physical activity that can be done as an individual or as a group, in any space, not needing a ‘sports’ kit, maybe some music and giving them the ownership and freedom of taking part in an activity where there are no rules.

Funded by Sport England & Sport Wales, they work with local dance schools & deliverers to ensure street dance is accessible for all. They also work with primary & secondary schools to increase participation by including street dance within curriculum & extracurricular activities. Working in communities to bridge the gap between youth clubs & dance schools to allow young people to experience street dance in a safe environment to increase confidence before going to a dance studio environment.

UDOIT work with partners such as Youth Sports Trust, StreetGames, Premier League, Girlguiding Cymru, Local authority sport development teams, School Games Organisers, Schools, Colleges & Youth centres to deliver bespoke street dance interventions to meet joint outcomes.

They have a range of products & programmes to suit each part of the participant pathway including the Dance Leader Level 1 & Level 2 courses from Sports Leaders UK.
Upskilling young people to become confident individuals with the skills to facilitate street dance in their school & community settings.

UDOIT champion that street dance is inclusive & accessible for everyone to do. They have a free National Schools Dance Championships open for all schools across the UK to experience a platform where they can showcase what they have worked on in their school lunchtime dance session, experience competing against other teams, participate in workshops lead by industry professionals (through the link with UDO) which makes it a very aspirational event.

There are many examples to date of how their work has helped change the lives of young people, they have been working with Aim Sky High company from Manchester. Here is Cerise’s story of how UDOIT Leadership opportunities has helped her:

“When I first started out teaching for UDOIT at youth centres I was a bit apprehensive about it as they wasn’t really keen on dance, but as I continued to teach the young people I started to realise a big change in the children I taught and myself as a teacher.
The biggest change I noticed in myself as a teacher was how it has changed my life completely! As in from this journey with UDOIT it has taught me a lot of new things. Such as, it has made me learn how to interact and communicate to young people, in a way they still respect me as the teacher but without me being to harsh on them as they are beginners at this sport. As a teacher the last thing I would want to do is make them loose their passion for dance such early on. Teaching has also helped me develop on my dance knowledge further which has benefited me substantially!”

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