Siobhan Davies Dance Spring Season

2 Apr 2019

An announcement of this Spring’s events hosted by One Dance UK’s member, Siobhan Davies Dance. Siobhan Davies Dance are particularly excited about those surrounding their inaugural year-long Open Choreography International residency, with Berlin-based Sheena McGrandles. 

Other events include: choreography courses and ‘Doing Days’ open to people of all backgrounds and experiences; opportunities to meet with and feedback to dance artists; activities stemming from Torchlight Artist Jamila Johnson-Small; talks, open-platforms and a panel discussion as part of the London Festival of Architecture.


Matters Arising: What is Visible?

Using a Long Table discussion format, Siobhan Davies Dance’s second Matters Arising conversation considers the nature of visibility in a time when image and access really counts.

When: 11 April 2019, 7pm

Doing Day: Picture This with Sheena McGrandles

Doing Days’ invite participants to experience dance and movement through actually ‘doing’. Sheena McGrandles’ first event sees her navigating queer politics of seeing and being seen, informed by her 10-year drag practice. (No experience necessary)

When: 28 April, 11-4pm

Work in Progress: FLUSH Sharing

Sheena will share excerpts from her work-in-progress FLUSH, developed while in residency at Siobhan Davies Dance. She will experiment with lighting, make-up, and slow, detailed movement to draw out a ‘queer aesthetic’ from historical images of female bodies.

When: 3 May, 5pm

Torchlight Artist: Oracular Practice

Jamila Johnson-Small’s inaugural Torchlight event seeks to create the conditions for engaging with the potential that performance has to access unknown territory within and through a dancing body.

When: 14 May, 7.30pm

Transparencies: A Process of Parallels

The latest in Siobhan Davies Dance’s series of events in which Siobhan Davies opens up her previously private choreographic practice, to a live audience, in an open and interactive setting.

When: 21 May, 7.30pm

Architecture and the Responsive Body in Children’s Education: Part of London Festival of Architecture

Join Siobhan Davies and architect Sarah Wigglesworth for a panel discussion considering the overlaps between architecture, physicalized learning and children’s education. Accompanying children can take part in a free workshop lead by expert facilitators.

When: 6 June, 5pm

Evening Choreography Course: Choreography for the Outdoors with Charlotte Spencer

A six-week practical course connecting choreography with the urban landscape. Takes place indoors and out. (No experience necessary)

When:11 June – 16 July, 7-9pm

Open Choreography Performance Evening: With Luke Birch, Alice Tatge, Dinis Moreira, Cabral Machado and Siobhan Davies Dance’s Young Artists Collective

A relaxed and informal evening celebrating work-in-progress. With a bar and food truck on-site there will be plenty of opportunities to socialise and feedback to the choreographers about their creative process.

When: 21 June, 7pm

Torchlight Workshop: Pleasure Body with Giorgia Nardin

Jamila Johnson-Small invites Giorgia Nardin’s workshop to London researching strategies and technologies for survival. Pleasure Body is a celebration of womxn, femmes, queer, trans, non-binary, intersex, (gender) non-conforming and marginalised people. Everyone welcome.

When: 22 – 23 June, 12-4pm

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