Serendipity Presents

12 Sep 2019

LDIF+ Tawala Technique with Thomas Prestø Masterclass | 25 September | 10am-530pm | Curve RR2 Leicester | £85 (includes a ticket for BHM Launch | Tabanka Dance)

An intensive session with Thomas Prestø on Talawa technique, a fully codified system of body movement rooted in traditional African and Caribbean movement aesthetics; yet relevant in the contemporary. The technique combines rhthmic structures, a specialised approach to grounding, and traditional African aesthetic movement qualities to allow dancers to develop full ownership of their bodies and embrace their own identities.

Book the masterclass only £60 until September 21(Limited Tickets).

Black History Month Launch Tabanka Dance Ensemble: Rhythm, Roots and Revolution

27 September | 7.30pm | PACE De Montfort University | £14-£16 |

Tabanka African and Caribbean Peoples Dance Ensemble is a Norwegian based company, led by artistic director Thomas Talawa Prestø. It is rooted in the real need for a kinetic voice that speaks the stories and histories of African diasporic bodies in a modernistic and futuristic reality. Rhythm, Roots and Revolution deals with racism, discrimination, identity, belonging, heritage and hope, provoking thought and reflection. The company share a rich and vibrant mixed billed of work that encompasses their unique approach to art and community from an Afrofuturistic and Caribfuturistic perspective, a phrase coined by the company.

Serendipity Presents: BHM Live | 17 October | Curve RR2 Leicester | 7pm | £10-12

BHM Live is an initiative that supports and showcases the work of emerging Black artists across art forms. This year the platform will present several new pieces of work exploring identity, labels and

The Oreo Complex – Isaac OuroGnao | Fusing West African Agbaja and hip hop dance practice, Isaac explores the psychological impact of labels on Black identity. Isaac’s work seeks to empower Black communities to take ownership of their identity and reclaim words and terms of discrimination.

BLACKLIST – Joshua ‘Vendetta’ Nash | BLACKLIST is a high energy piece exploring the coping mechanisms of inner conflicts and delving into themes of brotherhood, isolation and friendship, all shown through the prism of hip-hop, Krump and theatre.

Sib Y Osis – Akeim Toussaint Buck | Sib Y Osis is a dance theatre duet exploring sibling love and rivalry rising out of oppression. Looking at African Caribbean/British narratives of trauma and resilience past and present, such as the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Trump and Brexit era. The performers embark on a journey of discourse with the world whilst, finding support in each other to rise above common transgressions.

A Very Brit(ish) Story – Jaha Browne | Commissioned by Serendipity for Archiving the Past, Reflecting the Future, Jaha Browne’s documentary reflects on the African Caribbean community’s contribution to Leicester through the lives and experiences of seven voices.