Rubicon Dance Advanced Training Scheme

3 Aug 2021

Image credit: Sian Trenberth

Rubicon Dance receives a grant of £203,200 over four years from The Leverhulme Trust to provide scholarships for the new Rubicon Dance Advanced Training Scheme delivering the groundbreaking Rambert Grades syllabus to aspiring young Welsh dancers.

Kathryn Williams, Director of Rubicon Dance said, “This is a significant moment for the development of the next generation of dancers in Wales.  The Leverhulme Trust’s transformational grant begins to level the playing field in terms of adequately funded advanced training for aspiring Welsh dancers relative to their peers in the other home nations. An important feature of this funding is Leverhulme’s commitment to Rubicon’s vision of proactive detection of undiscovered potential.  Removing the financial barriers to accessing the high quality, regular intensive dance training would-be dancers need opens the door to a career in dance to a much more diverse range of young people.  This radical and well-resourced 4-year project is a much needed boost to the dance infrastructure here in Wales.”

Rubicon is delighted to announce a new training programme for young dancers in South Wales generously supported by the Leverhulme Trust.  The Rubicon Dance Advanced Training Scheme will work to enhance the organisations current Talent Development Department and offer young dancers the opportunity to engage in high quality dance training which will run alongside their existing schooling and education commitments.

Unlike the other nations of the UK, Wales does not have a government funded talent development programme for dance.  The result means that young dancers from lower socio-economic and ethnically diverse background are underrepresented in the dance sector.  Rubicon plans to address this gap and has developed a cohesive training programme which will have the new Rambert Grades syllabus at its core with full scholarships available generously funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

To access dance careers young people need sustained, high quality and intensive dance training from an early age.  Such training is usually unaccredited, with funding not available from statutory sources but working through Rambert Grades and with the support from the Leverhulme Trust, Advanced Training Scheme recruits will experience consistent, high quality accredited dance training without facing the financial barriers historically experienced by young Welsh dancers.  Rubicon Dance Advanced Training Scheme will provide a much needed bridge into vocational study for young people who would otherwise not be able to access careers in dance.

As part of Leverhulme’s investment Rubicon will work in partnership with 5 secondary schools per year in order to increase and support existing dance provision as well as to identify potential students for the new training programme.  This ongoing work with schools will ensure that new students are recruited to the scheme each year and that the detection of new dance talent is embedded within the project. 

Rubicon defines excellence in terms of technical virtuosity, creativity and artistry which is of a consistently high level.  Excellence requires high level dance skills which we build on a foundation of teaching quality, the quality of the learning environment and student outcomes. Rambert Grades is the only dance training programme of its kind giving equal weight to the development of technique, performance and creativity.  With Rambert Grades at the heart of this new programme alongside master classes in additional techniques, injury prevention, performance opportunities and individual learning plans for each student, Rubicon aims to nurture intelligent, enquiring young Welsh dancers who will have the skills and confidence to continue their training and pursue sustainable careers within the dance sector. 

Rubicon Dance Advanced Training Scheme will be delivered at Rubicon every Sunday from September 2021 and for more information email, telephone 02920 491477 or visit