HOTFOOT Online | Autumn 2019

HOTFOOT Online is One Dance UK’s bi-annual publication focusing on Dance of the African Diaspora (DAD) and provides a platform for critical debate around the dance practices of the African Diaspora in the UK and beyond.

HOTFOOT Online | Autumn 2018

Global Infrastructures – celebrating the artists, practitioners and organisations within dance of the African Diaspora who ensure the art forms and artists continue to thrive in the UK and beyond.

11 + Dance by StrengthMotionMind

An App providing strength and conditioning and performance psychology support to dancers based on scientific knowledge and experience.

HOTFOOT Online | Summer 2018

Leading the Way – a focus on Leadership and Infrastructure from the perspective of our Trailblazers Fellowship Alumni who are creating new pathways of artistic expression and leadership whilst impacting education, culture and lifestyle in the UK and beyond.

Nutrition and Disordered Eating in Dance, 2012

Nutrition and Disordered Eating in Dance: Artistry, athleticism and the role of the multidisciplinary support team, 2012