HOTFOOT Online – Issue 5

Issue 5: Winter 2006


Phoenix Dance Theatre

Phoenix Dance Theatre

  1. Editorial from Jeannette Brooks
  2. Think Piece: ‘Perception on the Phoenix Dance Company Phenomenon’ by Dr. Christy Adair
  3. Review: b.supreme by Natasha Bunbury
  4. ADAD Asks… with Jeannette Brooks
  5. Review: The Dance Manifesto Summit by Carolene Hinds
  6. Infrastructure Article: The Major, the Minister and the manifesto by Caroline Miller
  7. Think Piece: ‘A Career in Dance – A Moving Experience’ by Jeanefer Jean-Charles and Pearl Jordan
  8. Wassup! from Peter Badejo
  9. Article: Katherine Dunham and Buddy Bradley in perspective by Dick Matchett
  10. Credits and Notes