HOTFOOT 21 Magazine

HOTFOOT is One Dance UK’s bi-annual publication focusing on Dance of the African Diaspora (DAD) and provides a platform for critical debate around the dance practices of the African Diaspora in the UK.

The range of dance forms covered includes traditional and contemporary Caribbean and African, and strong African influenced forms from the Americas such as capoeira, samba, jazz, tap, street and hip hop. Accessible articles cover issues ranging from artistic to practical, political, theoretical and historical. For 25 years, HOTFOOT has evolved from a newsletter to a now interactive digital platform for the many individuals and organisations working in the sector.

This 21st anniversary edition celebrates the legacy of the Association of Dance of the African Diaspora (ADAD – now One Dance UK). We acknowledge the many artists, scholars, teachers, practitioners, leaders and organisations that supported ADAD’s work and those who continue to impact the development of the art forms and research within DAD; pushing the sector forward.



We hope you enjoy reading the full magazine and further editions of HOTFOOT Online can be found in the DAD Resources. We always encourage feedback and welcome contribution ideas for future editions via email at [email protected]