Getting back to the studio

Autumn has arrived, and we are all focused on the developments that September will bring as we look forward to returning to dance activities. Whether you are in a company, vocational training, primary or secondary school, a youth group, private dance school, or leading classes in a community centre, we all want to find ways to continue to dance.

In the past few months, the UK government released guidance and roadmaps to steer the return to professional and non-professional performing arts activities following the lockdown. One Dance UK and the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science (NIDMS) provided regular webinars for a variety of contexts. These outlined the requirements of the guidance and supporting practical implementation of government guidance across the dance sector to help everyone to return to dancing safely.

Here are some key tips everyone can follow.

As an exmployer: 

Stay Up to Date

















Is your space fit for purpose? 

Fit to Dance Space Charter

In 2016 One Dance UK and Equity joined forces to develop the Fit to Dance Space Charter. The charter is designed to encourage a minimum standard for all dance spaces across the UK. Among the first venues to sign up were the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Sadlers Wells and Rambert. Another was Creation Box, a small venue in Lambeth, London which won ‘Outstanding Studio Award’ at the 2015 Dance London Inspires Awards.

Four years later the charter is to be relaunched with some updated criteria and some crucial additions to reflect current health and safety guidelines in relation to COVID-19. Now more than ever, safe dance practice is key to the dance industry. The updated charter reinforces these fundamental safety standards for dance spaces.

The 2020 Fit to Dance Space Charter is designed to be achievable for all dance spaces, large and small, celebrating good practice and therefore encouraging better and safer practice. The charter is a voluntary scheme. Signing up will publicly demonstrate a dance space’s commitment to wellbeing and protection, which is vital for the long-term health and safety of dancers in 2020 and beyond.




























Further information

Guidance relevant to dance, plus practical suggestions and FAQs can be found at:

Originally published in One, Issue 9 – Autumn 2020