Breakfast part 2; french toast/ ‘eggy bread’

Provided by Jasmine Challis, Accredited Sports Dietician








Moving into the autumn means a return to busier schedules for many – so breakfast may become more of a rush. Please keep it as a priority even if it has to be fitted in to a tight schedule. Porridge is great on chilly mornings and can be made more interesting by the addition of fresh or dried fruit. You can also add chopped nuts or seeds to boost the nutritional content. Otherwise cereals with fruit are fine or toast/bread if this works for you, but it’s always a good plan to include either a portion of dairy or protein in the morning.

At weekends you might have time for a cooked breakfast or if you are catching up on sleep it might become brunch! Remember to grill rather than fry, and have a variety of ingredients – eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and beans are classics but the more adventurous might include kippers or smoked haddock (an ingredient of an old breakfast dish kedgeree).

French toast tastes great and is often enjoyed by people who wouldn’t normally eat eggs. Done with white bread and loads of butter it’s not the healthiest option but try this version for a nutritious start to the weekend.

Per person
1 egg
2 tbsp milk
2 slices of bread – use multigrain, wholegrain or linseed and soya bread if you want a slow release version
A small amount of oil for frying – sunflower/olive or vegetable oil preferably

You need:
A bowl – preferably wide and shallow
A fork
Non-stick frying pan

Break the eggs into the bowl. Add the milk. Beat together with the fork. Soak the bread in the egg mixture.
Heat the oil in a non-stick pan for about a minute over a gentle heat. Add the bread and fry gently until golden brown.
You can add a little sugar to the mix and serve with sliced fruit and low fat crème fraiche or a little salt and pepper and serve with grilled bacon, tomatoes and/or mushrooms.