Resource recommendations on dancers’ health/injuries

I am in the initial stages of my dissertation on dancers’ health / injuries. Could you please recommended where I may find useful information, resources and dance related research?

There are countless resources now widely available to help in the research of dance in its many forms. It is recommended that you first search sources you can access locally such as your own university or college library, utilising databases through the University network Athens for example. It is not generally wise to use search engines on the internet for dissertation research as they are less likely to uncover academic resources, however Google Scholar has been known to uncover useful articles and publications.

A good start when looking for published dance medicine/science research is the Dance Medicine and Science Bibliography (Solomon, R. & Solomon, J. 2001), cataloguing dance specific articles and publications. It is available from the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science which also offers other publications and resources such as its own Journal of Dance Medicine and Science. You can also try PubMed-Medline or SportDiscus, databases listing sports and medical bibliographic references.

Universities offering dance and sports science courses are worth trying if their learning resource centres are open to ‘guests’, as they are likely to have a good range of scientific journals available as well as dance. Places like Laban and the National Resource Centre for Dance have large dance collections accessible to guests as well as their own students.

The New York Public Library Research Libraries’ Dance Collection catalogue is available at: In addition and offer books, videos, CDs and DVDs to buy. If you are looking for multimedia resources, again check out Laban which holds 3500 videos for reference use. For general resources take a look at Dance UK’s list of Publications and Resources including information sheets, books and posters. ‘Ask Ava’ for more information on specific resources by emailing

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