Advice & Information on Dance Studio Specification

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What you need to consider when looking when designing dance spaces and their specifications

In a number of educational establishments where dance studios have been built, the dance teacher has found her/himself without sufficient specific knowledge or support to explain to non-experts the optimum, or the minimum, requirements in order to achieve a satisfactory solution. Whether you are building from the foundations or reconstructing an existing building, there are physical requirements, aesthetic requirements and those related to health and safety. And each situation has its own unique priorities. This guide will give you some helpful tips on what you need to take into account.


Our Fit to Dance Space Charter is a set of industry guidelines for dance spaces One Dance UK has developed with Equity, the performing arts union, to protect the health and safety of the dances who use them. The Charter is designed for venues both large and small, is completely free to join, and those who sign up to it become part of our growing network of ‘Fit to Dance Spaces’ around the country. More information is here.