Dance-specific psychology, the next steps? What you think is what you get! The roles of imagery in dance performance

The comparatively new discipline of dance psychology is healthy and growing. However, as dancers increasingly turn to this new science, looking for new ways through which performance can be improved, one key problem is apparent. As with any young science, dance is currently ‘borrowing ideas’ and methods from other older disciplines. In the case of dance, this involves an increasing acceptance of ideas from sport psychology which, though often useful, may not be offering the optimum picture. Interestingly, this was a challenge faced by sport psychology in the 1950/60s, when wholesale and sometimes uncritical ‘nicking’ from older mainstream discipline of psychology caused many athletes and coaches to get disillusioned with what they perceived as incorrect advice.

by Dave Collins

Dance-specific psychology, the next step? What you think is what you get!

Originally published in Dance UK  magazine, Issue 53 – Summer 2004