The Bridge Dance Project: supporting health in competition dance

The Bridge Dance Project is a newly launched cooperative endeavor between leaders in the dance medicine and science field, and in the competition/commercial dance field. The Project began as an outgrowth of conversations following the release of the Apolla Mia Michaels video series on injury prevention in dance (

The Bridge Dance Project logo

The goal of the Bridge Dance Project is to build a bridge between the current realm of dance medicine and science and the commercial/competition areas of dance — to bring more information, working collaboratively together, into the daily lives of dancers working in this area.

“ Very few people in our traditional dance medicine world have been involved with competition dance, and it’s been a problem especially as we’ve seen the injuries skyrocket and the popularity of competition dance grow in the past decade.”
Jan Dunn“The dance world has many silos… In most sports…there’s an overarching regulator, so everyone knows the sport science. There’s communication between coaches, across the world, and regulations put forth to protect the athlete. That doesn’t exist in the dance world. So we have all these individual silos – certification programmes, education programmes, that people may subscribe to – but very little communication. And we are going to build the bridges.”
Kaycee Cope Jones, MS

A Founders Board of dance and dance medicine professionals has been created to begin the work which we are all envisioning, and who would like to help in this effort.

Further information
If you are interested in learning more or in helping with this project, please contact one of the Co-Chairs:
Jan Dunn, MS
Kaycee Cope Jones, MS


Originally published in One, Issue 8 – Spring 2020