Breakfast part 1; muesli

Provided by Jasmine Challis, Accredited Sports Dietician


Summer is a great time to experiment with new ideas for breakfast. For those who are students the day may be a little less frantic than term times, and for those working there may be a holiday which gives time to reflect and try new choices.

For sustained energy using carbs such as oats and wholegrains is best – porridge may work on an English summer morning but if we do get some warmer weather muesli is a good choice. If you are keen to save money as well as keep to great ingredients then making your own is not difficult. The most important requirements are a large sealable container – like those used by newsagents to store sweets in – and a large mixing bowl. You can add other grains if you like – barley or rye flakes lightly toasted in the oven for about 10 minutes on a low heat (gas Mark 3 or equivalent) make a great addition

Basic ingredients for muesli:

50-75g oats per portion (different types will absorb liquid more / less easily so you may need to experiment to find your own preference).
30-50g dried fruit per portion (dried apricots, prunes, sultanas, raisins, dried apple, dried banana, dried mango)
5-10g nuts per person e.g. almonds / hazelnuts / pecans
5-15g seeds per portion if liked e.g. pumpkin or sunflower
Once ingredients are mixed store in an airtight container.
You may find it best to add milk / soya milk up to 30 minutes before eating to allow the oats to soften – or for those in a hurry put in a bowl with milk at night and leave in the fridge.
Add fresh fruit and milk to taste in the morning.