Requardt & Rosenberg create an up-close experience for a limited audience

1 Jun 2017

Deadclub™ by Requardt & Rosenberg photo by Manuel Vason.

Between two heartbeats, the light creeps closer and closer to your number. It won’t be everyone, it can’t be everyone tonight, but it might be you. Someone is looking for their teeth, someone else is in brilliant pain, all of them are spinning like gods and then something happens that is irreversible. 

DeadClub™ is the new performance co-directed by Frauke Requardt and David Rosenberg,creators of Electric Hotel, Motor Show and The Roof. In a shift from their previous spectacular outdoor collaborations, Requardt & Rosenberg create an up-close experience for a limited audience, informed by research into how memory can be distorted by traumatic events and the psychology of how individuals respond. They’ll take out the seats, build a new stage, and get the audience right into the middle of the whole messy business.

Requardt & Rosenberg explain:

“We began working on this project about five years ago with an upbeat interest in our existential fears of death and meaninglessness. Our imagined audience were lying under a glass floor, buried alive as the world turned above them. Our research led us towards the work of Elizabeth Loftus and the malleability of memory. What if you were told that the red tricycle that you clearly remember peddling through the park on your sixth birthday never existed and that the park itself was only built when you were ten, when you should have already learnt to cycle a real bike? This is a terrifying thought; in a world where it is increasingly difficult to sort out truth from the colossal excess of stuff, even our own memories contribute to all the unreliable noise.” 

Eddie Nixon, Director of Theatre and Artist Development at The Place says about the project:

“The Place is always trying to make wild and wonderful shows happen and working with Fuel to bring Requardt and Rosenberg’s DeadClub™ to life fits squarely with that ambition. Tens of thousands of people saw their trilogy of outdoor shows and I can’t wait to see what they’ll create in the intimacy of our theatre.”

 Kate McGrath, Co-Director of Fuel talks about their work with David and Frauke:

“Fuel has a long-standing relationship with Requardt & Rosenberg, having developed innovative and dynamic performances together since 2010. DeadClub™ will be a thrill-ride, and The Place is the perfect space to present this new show, allowing the audience to experience their world at close quarters.”